Public Display of Affection?


And Beatrice?

I know. Weird ain't it? But lately it seems to be the norm in my life. I had my big date with "funny email guy" last night. It was an interesting evening to say the least. To be honest, for much of the evening I had the impression that he was not diggin' the old gal. Body language is a very interesting language indeed and one that I understand about as well as I do Chinese... but in my limited capabilities, I was picking up a "I like you but"... vibe. Oh well, whatever... We were still having fun.

But then gradually, things started to change. A little bit of a "lean in" to say something in Bea's ear... A hand at the small of the back... a touch on the arm. But still... just not sure.

And then it happened. Walking down busy Friday night Bloor... while I was nattering away about this, that and the other thing, all of a sudden my little metrosexual (yep, full on metro!) date grabbed me like they do in the movies... and planted a soft and passionate kiss right on my lips.

Sufficed to say, I was quite shocked!!! I continued to be quite shocked for the next half hour, as we made our way down busy Friday night Bloor, stopping every few feet to publicly display our drunken affection for each other. But of course, the evening was destined to end in the oh so romantic location that was the Bathurst subway station... him eastbound and me heading west. So we parted ways... after one last passionate embrace... "talk soon" being the last thing uttered from his adorable lips... and then home to bed for Beatrice.

In short, I had another amazing date with a great guy... and it is almost certain that I will not hear from him again... yet another norm in Beatrice's life. Sigh.


PS. What the $#*&$ is up with the weather today?!?!?!


mollyblogger said...

It sounds like he just needed a little booze to really let go of his inhibitions... you forgot to mention how drunk you guys got as the night progressed...

As to whether or not you hear from him again... does it matter? After all, you do seem to get along quite fine in meeting new men... There will be many more to come, I'm sure. Plenty of fish for Bea, plenty of fish.


Cascadia said...

Way to go Bea! But, beware, beware of the metrosexual! Just kidding - I hope you guys go out again! I would love to hear more stories...

john boy said...

I'm not sure if I should say congratulations or I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Either way you got an entertaining post out of it ;) But, I'll put my money down that he'll call...eventually.

I also wanted to thank you for the nice comment you put on my page. Thanks!

LuckySpinster said...

Great blog!