Super Baby?

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Taken from today's headline:

"A massive hunt is underway, after a six week old disappeared from a Children's Aid Society office at the Dufferin Mall. The infant was having a supervised visit with her mother when both mysteriously vanished. They had been separated shortly after the tiny girl was born.

Those fears are now intensifying with the news one is believed to have run off with the other."

As you all know, Bea is a kind-hearted gal... I would never make fun at the misfortune of others, but I have to tell you... whoever wrote this article is an idiot.

With the news ONE is believed to have run off WITH THE OTHER.

Now, am I to believe that it is possible that the baby absconded with the mother? I'm so confused. Who ran away with who? Don't leave me hanging. Should I be on the look out for a giant baby driving down the highway in a convertible?

God damn it... as if I didn't have enough to worry about, now I gotta watch out for giant, evil, kidnapping babies!

Bea out!

PS. See? See what you get when I lose my mojo? Kidnapping baby rants? Lord help us all!

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