Good day!

Well, I just went to my very first Blue Jays game ever... How exciting is that? Pretty exciting. Would have been better if the Jays hadn't gotten their butts kicked!!! At the bottom of the 9th the score was 19 to 7... 19 to 7??? What the hell is that all about? Anyway, somehow or other, they did manage to scrape a few runs out of their asses and te final score ended up being 19 to 13... I guess it could have been worse... not.

And some good news is that I get to move into "super-loft" this coming Monday as the people in there now are moving out this weekend. Yippee. Now I don't have to spend a moment longer in the place that I have affectionately come to call "House of the Rising Crack"... there is, a house, in Toe-rawn-toe, where people all do crack... and it's been the ruin of many a cute girl... and god, I know, I'm one. Alright, it isn't really that bad... just having a little fun.

Let's see, what else. Oh, had a meeting with a casting agent this week and I go Monday to get my picture taken professionally. You may be coming to a theatre near you very soon. I'm hoping to get cast in the part of "Girl with Big Ass". And I am also thinking of picking up a stage name... How does Beatrice Petty... get it... Bee Petty... Be Petty. Ha Ha, I kill me!

Au revoir


Yo-Yo Ma!

Did you know that there is actually a Yo-Yo Ma street here? Right off of Queens Quay (kwaaayyyy ;). Very bizarre. Speaking of bizarre... so, right now, I am staying in a lovely little rooming house in Cracktown USA... very posh dawlings... but hey, it's cheap. I was going to say clean but I can't be sure of that. Luckily it's only for this week and then I get to move into "Super-Loft". Yay, I can't wait.

As I have been sitting here, in this internet cafe on Bloor, a guy sitting very near to me has been having a pleasant chat with his girlfriend... wait, that doesn't quite describe it. Actually, they have been fighting and just broke up... I heard the whole thing (blah, blah, blah stalking, blah, blah, blah don't call me ever again bitch). Now he is on his phone changing all his numbers, while doing whatever on the internet. Apparently he is quite the multi-tasker... we could all learn a lesson from this chap, I'm telling ya. I'm thinking that maybe this busy internet cafe is not the best place to have uber-personal conversations but hey... that's just one gals' opinion.

Speaking of opinions... tossing around production company names with my good friend Dee. We really like "Cold Spore Productions" but it was shot down by a couple of people. Whaddy'all think? Any other suggestions? I'm also toying around with "Petty Coat Productions" but that doesn't really work with Dee at all... Somehow, we need to combine "petty" with "czech"... if you can come up with something, let me know. "Petty Coat Czech"? Don't think so.

Alright, I'm outy people. RRDJ before I do though. Brigette Jones' Diary. Colin Firth and Hugh Grant... Enough said!



Sorry Peeps,

Been ages since I've had a moment to update this thing...

It's a beautiful Sunday here in the Big Smoke! A hello to all of you out on the west coast... I hear it is stinking hot out there this weekend. Tee Hee. Don't worry, I am sure I'll get my comeupance soon. We've already had some stupid humid days and I am told that it is nothing to what I will experience in the months to come. We'll see.

So, what have I been up to??? Lots and lots of things. There is so much to see and do here, I love it. Went to Canada's Wonderland last week and up to the top of the CN Tower. Both very cool places. Canada's Wonderland was fun but unfortunately 2 things happened that made the day not as fun as it could have been. The first was that there were 3 of us... not such a good idea going to an amusement park with 3 people as there is bound to be one person who always has to go on a ride by themselves. Luckily for me though, the third person (Dee's cuz) had absolutely no interest in actually doing anything fun!!! Kind of makes the visit less than it could be... always worrying about that other person. But that, I could have gotten over. The 2nd thing was the lightning. For some reason, the management at Canada's Wonderland feel that riding in big giant metal contraptions is hazardous during a thunderstorm??? I say, let us decide whether we want to risk our lives in the name of fun. And they call this a free country. Jesus! Oh, and perhaps for the next time, I will Be Petty... especially when I go on the Drop Zone. Never been so scared in my entire life!

And the CN Tower??? I guess I had no choice but to do it once but it was a little pricey for what you actually get. Petty's suggestion is that if you ever find yourself at the base of the tower wondering if you should pay a few dollars extra to see the glass floor... DO IT! Truly, that was the best part of the trip. Trust me, you'll pay your 25$, get up to the top and say "I just paid $25?!? For what?!? Yay, it's so smoggy that I can barely see anything, Yay!!!!"

But listen folks... I gotta run. Sorry, no WhateverKus today. All my creative energies have been going into my writing projects so I am all tapped out. That, and due to my most recent stint at my friend Raw Bees place, I am a little s.l.o.w... if you get my drift.




How are you all doing today? Me? Excellent. I am starting to et used to the humidity. I have been told that it gets much, much worse than this.... I'll be ready for it. There are supposed to be some thunderstorms this evening. Yay!

And for those of you who I haven't been able to get a hold of for whatever reasons, allow me mention my future residence in this fine city. It's a loft. A wonderful, beautiful, glorious loft! I was hardly able to imagine what a loft was before I came out here, because I'm pretty sure that they don't exist in Victoria. Anyway... they are pretty damn cool. Oh, and did I mention it has a very lovely little patio?

In the meantime, I am learning my way around the city. Haven't made it too far east yet but that will come sometime in the next week or so. I am loving the TTC. I don't understand why other cities (ahem, victoria) don't follow their example. And so, I would like to honour one of my favorite modes of transit in Toronto and believe me, there are plenty to choose from...

ODE TO THE STREET CAR (aka. the trolley)
To board the small tram,
watch for oncoming traffic.
It runs on train tracks!

Stay tuned for the newest sub-category of the Honku... TransKu. The possibilities are endless folks!


humid and nasty,

that's the weather in toronto today. i will try not complain too much as I know that this is nothing--i'll leave that for july and august. at least i am out of the boonies and in downtown t.o. it is all very exciting.

speaking of exciting... anyone have a chance to check out prisoner of azkhaban yet? saw it opening day and before i can make an honest judgment, i need to see it again. is it different? holy crap! yes! wasn't expecting it to have been so different from the first 2. but it is great in it's own way. will write a better petty review when i see it again... in imax maybe. can you tell i am tired today?

petty out


Allo Allo,

So, just finished reading Dude, Where's My Country. Absolutely fantastic but at the same time, scary as hell. I stand by my belief that Michael Moore will one day a) be President of the United States, b) be assasinated by right-wing conservative wackos (aka the bush administration), c) seek poilical asylum in Canada or d) all of the above. I guess only time will tell. I am waiting impatiently to see Farenheit 9/11. Rest assured, when the time comes Petty will be there to give you the yay or nay. As I type I am a little teary eyed as I watch the end of Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow. Is there any writer as gifted as Jane Austen? I think not. I love happy endings.

Speaking of happy endings, it looks as though Dee and I will be taking this sweet-ass loft that we found downtown. It reminds of the the ones you see the cool people in movies living in. Best of all, it has this uber-great patio that is almost the size of the main floor of the loft. Oh, the plans we have for it! My good friend S.T-B will be proud once we get it all organized for growing veggies etc... And no, the etc... doesn't include anything that will allow Petty to Be Petty. Petty is not in Kansas, I mean BC anymore folks!

I will leave you for now, but before I do, I will present you with this StormKu, in honour of my first Ontario Thunderstom which occured last night.

White Stripes

White Stripes, striking down
Amid a clasp of thunder
Could it rain harder?