Meet Hugh...

Soon to be the new love of my life I am sure... especially since I don't think my all day date with Mr. Second Date from Saturday will be happening again...

He's just not that into you if... *insert everything from the book here.*

Poo. But thankfully, I now have little Hugh to love and hug and kiss all over. True, he is a little furry, but so was Mr. Second Date so it's all good. And he's no Oreo... but he can actually jump up onto things... and run... and go up the stairs without hopping... and do the other things that mildly overweight cats are unable to do... and by mildly, I mean really, really, really.


I'm Alive

I swear!

Yes, the whole Oreo thing kind of messed me up, and is still doing so to some degree. I am torn with sort of wanting to get a new cat because I miss having a little creature to welcome me when I get home... and Spaz has taken to meowing at the top of his lungs in the middle of the night looking for his friend which does not helps one's beauty sleep... but I am afraid that it might be too soon. I am sure that it will all sort itself out shortly... so let's call an end to this particular chapter in my life.

And now for something completely different...

Actually, the non-posts were caused not so much by kitty issues, but due to work being so ridiculously and insanely ridiculous. I work in the Olympic field. The Olympics are coming up in February. I took two weeks off at Christmas... I am not sure what the mathematical equation I would need to use in order to express what sort of busy-ness that actually translates to, but it might go something like this:

(Todd Bertuzzi hate mail + Flag bearer controversy) x Team Handbook disaster + Italy is far - people won't stop bugging me = stupid busy

Or something like that. This is the first day where I have actually been able to take care of things that have had to take a back seat to the above... BP included. Yay...

And on the personal life front? Funny you should ask. I decided that the best way to cheer myself up after the demise of my most beloved friend was to get off my ass and start meeting some fish. And what of it? In a nut shell...

Met a stick up his ass mini-Stephen Harper (he wore a suit to a Saturday afternoon coffee date)who I had at first thought to make a little project out of, but decided that the fact that he has never not lived with his parents and attends a "Christian-other" church (would somebody PLEASE explain to me what Christian-other entails?) every Sunday morning might conflict with certain activities that this "project" would have entailed. I never did actually meet the 45 year old man who did not see anything wrong with listing his age as 32. Am close to extracting myself from the "IT Professional" who was in actuality a security guard at the Zoo.

But... and just so you don't think that it is all bad news... I am going on a second date with a guy who I actually might be interested in. Granted, he is divorced and lives in his Mom's basement... and he doesn't actually live in Toronto... but he likes cats and Monty Python and at this point... I think you might know where I am going with that statement. Can you say "Lowered Expectations?"

I knew you could.



Hey There

Hi Folks,

It's been about 2 weeks since the little one left to go to a better place and I am finally able to talk about it without crying like a weepy little girl. I would like to thank everyone for all the well wishes that were sent. It was truly appreciated...

Anyhoo, that's about all. I just wanted all two of you who still check back that I am alive and doing well... mostly.

??/??/1996 - 01/02/ 2006