I apologize for all the bullcrap about the house and Saltspring and painting etc... I will say nothing more about it; you'll know when I am not there anymore. And on that note, I shall return to my original creative self...

And now a Honku which I am channeling through my friend KS.


You drive too slowly
My in Chinatown
Will avoid next time

Ta DAAHHHH. My first honku in many weeks. Speaking of remember, my friend whom I live vicariously through... He's going to Hong Kong or Rome or sumpin' like that. In the meantime the Simpsons are on... Byeee


Once upon a time...

There was a beautiful princess named Guinivere. She lived in a big and old mansion with her magic cat Shortbread. Guinivere loved living alone with her cat until one day, the evil king and queen--her parents--made her come back to their tiny kingdom to help construct their new castle.

Guinivere had never had any experience of this kind and assumed that she would be doing small, unimportant tasks such that would befit a lady of her stature. Little did she know that in order to cut back on the costs, the King and Queen had decided that Guinevere would be doing most of the painting of the castle doors and other such visible and critical items. She really did not have any idea what she was doing and was very freaked out... especially when forced to paint some very expensive doors... ones upon which she could make no error, under any circumstances. Guinivere wondered what horrible things she had done in her past where she would deserve such a fate. She could think of none.

In the meantime, she felt very cut off from her former life. She did have friends at home after all. And her poor plants, must they suffer? Will this story have a happy ending????? Stay tuned!



I am back online...back to the land of the living... who knew it took so much effort to build a house? I thought you just took some pieces of wood and some boards and nailed them together? Little did I know that you also needed electricians, plumbers, appraisers, architects, inspectors etc... ? Glad I found out now. Sheesh!

A big HELLO and WELCOME BACk to Dee who drifted away from blogland for a wee while. Glad to have you back girl... In hear you about the writing thing...d'love to go to the Czech Republic...make it happen and I am there.

Also a big wasabi to my most excellent friend Cho. Love you, miss you... you are quite possibly the only person reading this... I love you for dat...mwa.

Have so many more interesting things to say but am way too freaking exhausted... love all of you,


Hey J! I've returned to the blogiverse. Sorry I was gone so long.



I can't believe it has been a week since my last entry. Events at the HOUSE THAT WILL NEVER BE FINISHED have been absolutely crazy. Painting, painting, painting etc, etc,etc... And tomorrow the old house is getting moved. I will be sleeping in the new house tonight. Yippee. How sad that my life has now centred around me being excited about sleeping in a new room. Someone shoot me... please.

That's about it for now. I am so exhausted that I want to pass out. I just wanted to let the 2 people who read this know that I was still alive...barely.

Who loves ya?

This dates me, but today I heard a car commercial using the song Ballroom Blitz. What a great song. It SSOOOOOOOO reminded me of growing up on this wee little island on the west cost. Saltspring has this reputation of being Hippiesville but in reality it is more like Rednecksville. There is quite a dicotomy in lifestyles on this island... It is very strange. But at the same time, there is much interaction. For example, when I was in high school you had a variety of different social groups. You had the hippies, the nerds, the jocks, the stoners, the gunnits (for those big city folk who are unfamiliar with what a gunnit is... think really loud cars, now think pushing the petal to the metal ie. gunning it--hence the name gunnit), preppies ets... You name it we had it. I myself changed throughout my high school years. First I was a Prep, the I was Mod and then I was Prep again and I pretty much stayed there until UVIC...when I became a combo Prep/Rave/Casual gal. Anyway, back to high school; you had all these different social groups but they all tended to interact. Which is why pretty much all the groups had one thing in common... Being Petty... How neat that this ties into the title of this blog. Hee Hee. Love it. Or.... Bah da da da daahhh, I'm Lovin' it. Ha! So what is the point of this entry? Nothin', except to maybe introduce a new word into some peoples' lexicon-- Gunnit. You'll thank me later.


Very funny.................... Ever wondered what you would be if you could be? Apparently my dream guy is Harry Potter... and I had so hoped it would be little Legolas!



My Be Petty pick of the week... although I was not Petty when I saw it (%#*#(!#&(!#(!)*$) is Starsky and Hutch. For people who HATE Ben Stiller with a passion, maybe you shouldn't go and see it (although for those people who hate him only when he gets the uber attractive girl...ahem, Dee) but as this doesn't happen... maybe you could. It's no Zoolander, but it is pretty funny-- definitely a movie to Be Petty for... hence, the Be Petty recommendation. Anything else would just be a RRDJ right???

Speaking of funny. Did you hear that Chris Rock is officially the funniest person in America? I would have to agree. He is pretty freaking hysterical!

As for the HOUSE THAT WILL NEVER BE FINISHED, as I have now fondly nicknamed it, I'm still plugging along. I really and truly believe that I will be stuck here until the end of time. But the bright side is that I am spending no money... which is good... seeing as how I have none. Works for me! Hello... Parks...last paycheque???

And now to the person whom I vicariously live my life through... KS. He's in South Korea of all places. Of all the people who get to go to cool places I am glad it is him... the least gastronomically picky person I know. He should write a food travel book. No, that's stupid (stupid Jen). What about that public washroom coffee table book idea that he and our mutual friend Eon (clean bill of health YAY!!!) came up with? I think it's a great idea. Oh...if I had had a million dollars... I'd buy you a chesterfield, or an ottoman, or pay for your book to get published. Nope. I'll leave the song writing to the BNL and Dee.

Jennie Poo


Nothing much today... just an RRDJ:

Apparently the only thing keeping me sane on the Rock (little one, not the big one. Although that also drives me insane) is that my parent have cable. Not full cable though, just the mini SSI cable--25 channels or so. Anyway, the other day I stumbled upon a dramatization of one of my favorite books--The Buccanners by Edith Wharton. Unfortunately I seemed to have come in at the very end of the series but it very much reminded me how much I love historical books about English society. The Buccanneers is a very excellent book but there are so many others that I count among my favs. Of course, the very best would have to be Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. If you have never read it you should! If you are ignorant and cannot read well......... you probably aren't reading this blog but.......... go rent the mini series done by A&E. It is truly one of the best adaptations of any piece of literature EVER! And of course it doesn't help that Colin Firth plays Mr. Darcy. Yum. Oh, and if you are a fan of Brigette Jones and her diary, definitely read and/or watch P&P as it is based on the same story, just different names and a slightly more modern twist (and Colin Firth pretty much playing the same character...yum). Can't wait for the second one to come out.

Oh, and if you liked Clueless, then you'll like Jane Austen's Emma-- it is basically the same story. Again, if you can't read then check out the movie Emma with Gwynneth Paltrow (and Jeremy Northam...uber Yum). One of my favorite movies. Can't find it on DVD though. If anyone has seen it, please let me know.

That's all for today,


Hi All,

I never really thought that Be Petty would get political but here you go...

Israel and Palestine have been at each others throats for 60 some odd years. I think that the two cultures would have the genuine possibility to co-exist but for the compete non-trust caused by extremists. Check out OneVoice, oddly, enough an organization started by Jason Alexander from Seinfeld. While ultimately a non-Israeli/Palestinian will have no actual vote in what goes on in that conflict, this is as it should be. The organizaion takes the position that both sides need to make concessions and not accept terrorist activities. Unfortunately, this seems to be a concept that is lost on both the Israelis and Palestinians. Let's see what happens.

A big hello to my friend Robbie whom I just talked to moments ago... Hope to see you soon... I still think he and my other Toronto friend Dee need to get together--for coffee, not nookie you sexual gutterheads!

J out!


Yo Yo,

A big hello to everyone out there. I feel like I am trapped on this little island in the sun. Feel free to come and rescue me if the mood strikes you. My thoughts are with Art Vandelay because it's Be a Tourist in your Home Town week in Victoria. This is the week when all the cheapo, redneck trailer trash families come out of the woodwork! Two words... HIGH MAINTENANCE! So, Art, if you are reading this--keep your chin up--they don't know any better.

The painting saga in the new house continues in fact, I don't think it will ever be done. The ash floor is installed now and the appliances are coming today. It's all very exciting and yet, at the same time, not.

Hope to see everyone soon... I miss civilization and I really need to see a flick. I know my friend Dee will make a comment about this because she feels the same about Ben Stiller as the rest of world about Keanu but... Starsky and Hutch... can't wait! Looks like a total Be Petty movie. Yay!

RRDJ: Duh, start a blog. I love it. Oh, and I've once again followed a previous RRDJ and started knitting. Am I good? No. Will I get good? Hopefully. I'll let you folks be the judge when you get your Christmas gifts next year. Hee Hee.

GRRL out,



The Oscars have come and gone for another year. You may remember a while back (feb 1st), I made the Be Petty predictions about who would win in certain categories. How did I do? Well, quite well actually. Of the 15 categories that I chose to predict I got 12 correct! That's like 80%...Go figure!?! Maybe next year I will put some money where my mouth is and place a little wager or two. Anyone want in?

Also, a big BON VOYAGE to my friend Cascadia Hole who is, as I type, on her way to Gay Paris! She is so lucky. I would love to be in the land of brie. MMMmmm.....................cheese. Speaking of cheese... I happened to notice that no one sent any cheese platters for my birthday! Sniff Sniff.