Just a short poem today for all you wonderful people out there........ A "constructionKu" if you will. I call it... "Welcome to Hell"

Welcome to Hell

You lazy MoFo!
don't care if you ARE crazy!
Build, you monkey, build!

Yes, it seems that any progress on the loft lately has been initiated by yours truly... and believe me, what very little patience that I ever possessed has now run out. It is a shame that most of you will not be around to meet the new superhero character that I am poised to become..........................

I call her UberBeeyatch and she will get her powers from the build up of all the little frustrations experienced in daily life. For example, you be petty and go to the movies and ask for a bar of ice cream and the jerkwad at the register tells you that they don't have ice cream when you can CLEARLY see at least 2 fridges filled with ice cream bars behind him (yes I have another movie clerk enemy). That particular incident had a happy ending though, with the fortunate last minute arrival of the ice cream man later in the evening... but you get the picture. God help the creatures that cause her distress--they will not know what hit them! And yes, she speaks with an Austrian accent not unlike Awnold. I think I'll trade mark it!

So what's going on with all of you? Haven't heard from some people in a while. Are you all alive?


ps. congrats to the Twaddle-Booths on their recent nuptials. love you both. mwa.


What can I say except I am reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally, truly sorry that I have not updated this in like a month. Without going into too much detail, life was a teensy bit hectic this last little while. What, with living in a crack house for a week and then moving into the new loft... and said loft not being finished when it was supposed to... and still not. Well let's just say some things have been put on the back burner. But enough about that. I live with it and deal with it everyday so let this blog entry NOT be about that! Any questions and/or comments about the loft and our crazy jailbird, rotting teeth 40 year old superintendant with a crush on my 23 year old roomate can be directed to

And how the hell are all of you? I promise that I will update this more. But until then, I must go. My glass of red wine calls. And perhaps, Uncle Herb will show up later and hang out with ole' Petty this evening. Stay tuned for further updates.