No News...

Is good news? Perhaps to some, but to me, no news makes for a lameass blog posting. Here is what has happened over the last couple of days. Perhaps you'll understand why I have been silent... not even anything to rant about, which I can usually count on to bail me out when nothing has really happened.

Friday Night... nothing happened.

Saturday day... had date with mini-english history soccer dude. We went to the Catherine the Great exhibit at the AGO which was cool. Conclusion #1 ... 5'8" is very little when you are used to dating guys who are 6'3" +. Conclusion #2... Must stop dating guys strictly because they could be characters from some silly British sitcom... The whole day was so inconsequential to my life that it hardy seemed worth mentioning save for in a blog about nothing happening.

Saturday night... nothing happened.

Sunday day... again, nothing happened. Oh, went into town for a bit and got annoyed at the crowds. Am destined to not have an gifts bought for people at Christmas.

Sunday night... starts with an "n" and ends with a "d"... two words... four syllables.

Monday day through to Tuesday night... I might as well just lump it all in together and stop dragging it out... with the exception of doing laundry and our internet at home conking out... Nada. Oh, and the fact that last night's episode of House was really really good...

Um... I am going to shut up now...

Bea "when did my life become so boring?" Petty


Under the Categories...

... of "Too Much Information", "Things We Did Not Need to Know About Beatrice", "Ew" and "Who Cares?" comes this little posting. You've been warned, so read on at your own risk.

It is entitled "Eau d'Aspargus"

I had asparagus for dinner last night. It was delicious, as was the chicken I made to go along with it, but as this posting is not entitled "Eau de Poulet" that is neither here nor there. So I had my dinner, it was good... and an early night to bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night as per usual... I have perhaps the WORST bladder on the entire planet and it is a very rare night that I do not wake up having to go to the bathroom. Although, last night, I am happy to say that it was not my bladder that woke me up, but the sound of a little motor humming away beside my pillow which in reality was my cat purring away happily at nothing in particular (the roomie can attest to the fact that she has the loudest purr in all the land). Most cats require stimuli in order to get their little purr motor going, but since her near brush with death, Oreo purrs for no particular reason other than because she can. It is adorable... just not when it is right in my ear... and not at 3am. But awake I was so I trudges downstairs to do my nightly business, and then...


Now, I just did a little bit of research and apparently having urine that smells like a skunk crawled inside you and died after eating asparagus is not uncommon... It's a genetic thing, like having earlobes or being completely disgusted by turnips... and apparently it's a trait that I have inherited in spades. It is definitely a trait that I could have lived without. I thank my parents for my blue eyes, and the ear lobes... rolling my tongue seems a little useless, as is being double jointed... and knowing about a genetic sensitivity to an enzyme in turnips that make them taste like turpentine would have been EXTREMELY helpful while growing up (thank you anthropology lab)...

Anyway, just a warning for those of you who may or may not ever spend time with me after I have eaten asparagus. You might want to wait a few minutes before going into the bathroom after I have been in there ... but listen, don't go blaming ME... blame my parents... for it was they, after all, who placed this curse at my feet so many years ago.

Bea "Don't they have support groups for stuff like this?" Petty


Three Words...




Yes, I am a little biased when it comes to HP. I love the books, I love the movies... I collect stamps and other memorabilia (or rather, my Mother collects these things for me... bless her)... I read on occasion... I can debate endlessly on why Snape killed Dumbledore in the last book (sorry, if you haven't read it by now I feel no responsibility for spoiling this secret)...

All that being said, I must give huge kudos to the writer and director for turning what could have been a disaster into something really great. True, lots of things were left out... they had to be. The book has over 600 pages... some things had to go and one always worries that they will get rid of all the important and juiciest bits (although I have to admit that I was always really curious about what some of the characters that they left out might look like... Ludo Bagman for one). I'll say it again...





Can You Stand It?

The wait? I know I can't...

Has anyone not thought it weird that I have yet to display any excitement about the release of Goblet of Fire in theatres last Friday?

Anyone? Bueller?

I thought so...

The conversation a few weeks ago went something like this:

Cell phone rings.

Bea picks up "Hello".

Roomie answers, voice sad "Hey".

Bea "How was your dentist appointment?"

Roomie hesitates "Um, Ok"

Bea, concerned "Is everything OK?"

Roomie, bursting into tears "No, everything is NOT Ok! My life is over and I fear that you will never speak to me again"

Bea, reassuring "Now, now, it can't be all that bad. Tell me, what happened?"

Roomie sobbing "I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out"

Bea laughing "Oh silly, why do you think I would be offended that you had to get your wisdom teeth taken out? I've had mine removed. It's only natural. Most people have it done at some point or other"

Roomie "No, it's not that, it's..."

Bea "What? Tell me. I can handle it"

Roomie, hesitant "... It's just... just, that the only day the dentist can do it is on the 18th..."

Bea is silent on the other end of the line.

Roomie "Beatrice? Are you still there?"

Bea, now cold "Yes, I'm here. Can't you do it the following week?"

Roomie "No, it's that day or never. It's not like I am happy about it or anything. If I could change it I would, but I can't. I just can't ok? Please tell me you are not mad. We'll go as soon as I am better OK?"

No response from Bea

Roomie "Bea? Bea?? Say something... Please? I never meant for this to happen. If I could take it back I would. Bea?"

Beatrice, in a monotone voice "You are dead to me. DEAD TO ME..."

Click. Phone goes dead.

OK, a little (a lot... it actually went something more like "oh, that sucks, we'll just go when you are better then..."... anyway) exaggerated, but you get the idea of the tragedy that befell our household recently. Well, today is FINALLY the day... The roomie has recovered from her dental surgery enough to be able to go to see it, albeit without being able to munch on popcorn. Yes, I could have gone without her. In fact, it was an interesting view into the mind of other people... a colleague at work as well as my Computer Philosopher both suggested that I should go and then pretend that I hadn't gone... but I resisted because, I am like, the bestest friend a person could, like have, like ever...

So tonight is the night... why oh why can't it be 5 o'clock already?


One Fish, Two Fish...

Red fish, blue fish... and angry fish, English fish... My how fishing is fun. Sort of... mostly... kind of.

Anyhoo, that new fabulous free dating site is interesting to say the least. There are some good fish. There must be, right? I thought there was at least one. He turned out to be completely insane as you will soon discover in the little story that follows that I have entitled.

"Not All Fish are Sane"

As many of you know, I have a little bit of a fondness for British culture. I will freely admit that to anyone... it is even written on my profile so it isn't like I went out of my way to hide it and up until this point in my life, it has not offended anyone. True, most of my friends can't relate and think that I am a little odd, but there you have it. So I meet this fish. He seems nice, normal etc... we write back and forth for quite some time and he was super keen to come with me to the Catherine the Great exhibit at the AGO... very keen.

Enter msn...

I am, really not sure how this happened, but our first msn conversation turned out to be our last one ever. It started off simply enough... with a seemingly innocent remark about the colour of my font not being the right colour for someone who like England so much... apparently, and I so did not know this, but apparently the colour of font that one uses on msn should be chosen to reflect your heritage. Font Fish's (FF) font was green to reflect his Irish heritage and he logically thought that mine should be red to reflect what he thought was my English heritage, although I was using a blue font so it's not like I wasn't using a colour that makes up the bulk of the Union Jack... anyway the "font= nationality/heritage" discussion prompted me to mention that I was, in fact, also of Irish descent and logically that should have been a good thing BUT apparently, and I did not know this either, apparently people of Irish descent are not allowed to like anything English... something about the English being the oppressors of the world and they ruined his family back in the 1850's etc... which then became all my fault somehow... because I studied British history and should have been able to go back in time to prevent the potato famine... or something like that... And then I basically became a stupid idiot because a) I studied British history and that, like, has so been done and b) History IS stupid... except for Irish history of course, because the Irish have never done nothing bad to nobody and that c) If I take a course in baseball does that make me an expert baseball player(yeah, I wasn't clear on that analogy either... if I take a course on history, does that mean that I can be a history expert? Um, yes) and d) I am a stupid idiot.

Things that I did not bring up because there seemed to no point were a) he and his family wouldn't even be in Canada were it not for the British and b) I dated an Irishman so I know more than your average hush puppy about what is going on over there so to tell that I don't know what I am talking about and that I should just shut up is not on and c) get over it. The potato famine happened 150 years ago and yes, it was very tragic but to blame the great great great great great grandchildren of those who may or may not have been a direct cause of this misfortune seems misguided and last but not least d) going to see the Catherine the Great exhibit at the AGO would have meant a brush with... gasp... history... and that didn't seem to bother him until I became the root cause of all the problems that Ireland has ever had... ever.

So that was that. I think it is safe to assume that this was the first time font colour has led to such an argument. It was funny sort of... of course, it was made even funnier because the same day that happened, I was contacted by a genuine English Fish... who is currently in the process of getting a university degree... in history. Is that not just the weirdest thing?

But all these fish may be soon extinct as I actually succeeded, for the first time in like... only GOD knows (literally), in making it to a second date with my Computer Philosopher... I know, shocking... with definite agreement that a third date would be highly amenable. Besides, I don't even like seafood.




This was Bea getting onto the subway this morning. When I transfer to go north, the car is always empty as most people are heading downtown and not mid-town. It's a nice change from coming in from the west as it is usually stupid packed and it's so nice to get a little bit of breathing room.


The joy and rapture you see on my face was short lived, for 2.5 seconds later...


As you could tell from exhibit A, but so beautifully illustrated by yours truly with lovely yellow arrows in exhibit B, there were plenty O' seats to be had and none of them have led to me be smothered by a complete stranger.

It was truly one of the most bizarre events in my young life to date.

Bea "It must have been my animal magnetism" Petty


Profile Do's and Don'ts

Bea is bored again... and we all know what happens when she gets bored... she turns to online dating (fyi, it looks as if I will be getting together again with the IT philosophizer from Saturday at some point...). But bored with Lava, I was at a loss of what to do. At a loss until I told about a new site... I won't divulge the name except to say the it has something to do with fish and plenty of them. And did I mention that is was free?

I like things that are free. Dinner last Saturday was great because it was free. Going to funky little clothing launches and induction dinners are great because they are free. Going in and renting a "guaranteed" rental in Blockbuster because it is out of stock even though you swore you would rather have your eyes gouged out than see Sisterhood of the traveling Pants is alright because it was...FREE.

So this new site... did I mention it was free... is really quite a little gem. As much as I like FREE, it does tend to bring out some very interesting folks, or so I am quickly learning... folks who would never stoop to paying $2.50 to contact someone on lava... folks who seem to have made it their life's mission to contact as many random people as possible because what the hell, you got nothing to lose because... it's FREE.

So what ARE the differences between a site where you have to fork out a subway fare to talk to someone as opposed to getting the opportunity for free? Many. There are many differences... Here are just a few observations that I have made thus far. I have entitled them:

Bea's Guide for Men on How to be Successful on a Free Online Dating Site (I know, it's rather a long title...)

1) Include a picture. If you are going to write me and ask me if I like to get spanked, at least do me the courtesy of allowing me to see the face of the person who I may or may not (probably not) allow to spank me.

2) If you are a man/male and it is quite obvious-- because you have complied with handy tip #1 and due to the large amount of facial hair you are displaying-- that you are a man/male, then there is no need to state that fact in your profile and/or email.

3) Spelling, spelling, spelling. I cannot stress this enough... along with grammar and punctuation and spacing... basically everything that you learn in elementary school. "im" is not a substitute for "I'm", "u" is not a substitute for "you" and god help you if you have already made the mistake of stating that you are a male and spell it "mail".

4) Don't copy and paste the same email to everyone. A distant acquaintance I know, who is also on it (whose name I will not mention) was contacted by a guy about 5 minutes after he had contacted me. It was EXACTLY the same, word for word... right down to the "thats a fantastic pic!your very stunning!" (quote unquote). A copy and paste can be spotted from a mile away.

5) Try to make an effort to make it remotely interesting. The following is one that I received today and although better than some of the ones I have received that simply said "wats up" or "hey" or just a name and a phone number, it still left something to be desired. It also demonstrates handy tip #4, which will become obvious shortly. Please note that I have changed some of the personal information (job, hobbies) to protect the innocent:

hi there, I just joined this site and saw your profile and wanted to say hi and would love to chat with you sometime. Drop me a line and maybe we could chat.I am a groundhog farmer. I am into cockroach racing and love Snapple. I am enjoy the positives in life and would love to get a chance to chat with you. Love the brownies comment. sounds really cute. hope to chat with you. Have a great day.

As you can see, there are a couple of things wrong with this, not the least of them is his eagerness to chat with me. Now, here's where he completely lost me... The "Love the brownies comment" comment. Nowhere does it say in my profile anything about brownies. A "Cutter Paster" all the way... Now see the important of reading a person's profile and writing a message from scratch? Although I would be lying if I did not admit that I do find msyelf more than a little curious about this "brownie comment"... If the girl who wrote it is getting people contacting her because of it, I may have to include one myself... anyone know of a "cute brownie comment" I could include to jazz things up a bit?

6) Don't write a person 10 times in the space of an hour when they haven't responded to your first e-mail. It may be FREE but FREE does not mean "FREE pass to display stalkerish behaviour". And Ye shall be blocked...

7) *added since first posted... I meant to put it, I swear... "Prefer not to say" = "Prefer not to respond to you". If your marital status is set to "prefer not to say"... Hmmm. Drinking or drug habits, "prefer not to say?"... Um... Yikes.

That's it for now. Really and truly it is amusing me to no end. Ah, the simple pleasures in life...



Dating Jargon 101

As you may remember, I had my November date this past Saturday. It was fun... He was much cuter than any photos I had seen , proving to me once again that you cannot judge a book by the less than ideal picture on it's cover... especially one that has been sent to you via the internet. Anyhoo...

So we dined, we walked, we talked yadda yadda yadda. A terribly nice gent. Perhaps a little nerdier than what I am used to but he had this very interesting self-taught computer geekiness infused with degree in philosophy quality that was mildly adorable. Sufficed to say, it made for some very interesting conversations... each one ending with me not really having much of a clue what he had just said, but being the master of bullshitting (thanks history degree) that I am, I covered myself well. Despite this geekiness he definitely had second date potential. Of course the fact that HE paid for dinner and wouldn't hear of me doing so did not exactly hurt. Really truly there is something to be said for that old fashioned tradition where a guy will ask you out and not make you pay for your half.

That was Saturday and have heard hide nor hair from him since, despite having received the usual "I had fun we should definitely meet up again soon". For those of you who have been lucky enough to escape the hell that is dating and find yourself happily coupled, first of all let me say Congratulations. And by Congratulations I mean damn you... kidding.... but not really.

And secondly, let me enlighten you as to what "I had fun we should definitely meet up again soon" actually means. Despite it's obvious statement to the contrary it means quite the opposite. What "I had fun we should definitely meet up again" actually means is "I kind of don't want to see you again but I am too polite to say it to your face so I am going to SAY I think we should so I can avoid any face to face conflict and then just completely ignore any attempts made by you to try and get together and hopefully you will get the hint eventually and just go away".

"I had fun we should definitely meet up again soon" is almost always followed by the other person responding along the lines of "Oh for sure". Now here's where "I had fun we should definitely meet up again soon" can actually mean "I had fun we should definitely meet up again soon". Immediately following "Oh for sure", should one hear "What is next week looking like for you?" or "How about dinner Friday", "I had fun we should definitely met up again soon" would, in fact, mean just that.

But, when "Oh for sure" is followed by "OK well I have your number" or "OK well I'll see you online", then you know that "I had fun we should definitely meet up again soon" was a load of manure... manure, although good for planting happy things like flowers and vegetables, is not a pleasant thing in the dating world... and your date in fact meant "I kind of don't want to see you again but I am too polite to say it to your face so I am going t SAY I think we should so I can avoid any face to face conflict and then just completely ignore any attempts made by you to try and get together and hopefully you will get the hint eventually and just go away".

Make sense?

Bea "Can anyone guess what the outcome of Saturday's date was?" Petty


Switching Gears

OK, yesterdays posting was a wee personal so enough of that for a while...

I was reading the paper (the free Metro that you get on the TTC) this morning on the way to work as I always do... Cover story blah, blah,blah... Oh good, another person got shot... Politicians did something dumb, again... more people blown up in the middle east, super... blah, blah, blah business... Yay, the Canucks are still kicking ass in the Northwest Division (will refrain from thinking anything bad about the loser Leafs)... Ah, Entertainment section... my old friend, it took me so long to get to you.

Something written in this morning's entertainment section actually made scoff in disgust... out loud. People looked at me wondering what I was on so early in the morning but the joke is one them because I don't start drinking until at LEAST 11am... but that's not for here.

So I was vocally disgusted by the review given to the new Pride and Prejudice movie being released in theatres today... the one with Keira Knightly. Having seen and LOVED it at the TIFF a few months back, I've been waiting for it to come out so I can see it again. For those of you saw the BBC mini series with Colin Firth from a few years ago and thought to yourselves that there is no possible way that anything could top it, or that there could be no one else to play Mr. Darcy other than CF, join the club because that's what the roomie and I thought when we went and saw it. We went and saw it specifically because we thought it could not be better and were interested in seeing just how NOT better it was.

We were like so wrong.

It was fabulous. Without going into the details, it was just as good, albeit shorter, than the BBC rendition... in some ways it was better, the reasons for which I will not detail here for those of you who want to go see it (all the guys I KNOW are already in line buying tickets for tonight's show...), but what I will say is that unlike the BBC version, the two leads had this AMAZING chemistry throughout the whole movie. God bless Colin Firth, but you have to admit that he does have a "wet fish" quality to him... What I am trying to say is that if you take anything away from this new version, it is passion--the passion between the two leads was outstanding. I got goose pimples. I have them now even.

Fast forward to present day... They have a review of the movie in the Metro. The guy only gave it 3 out of 5... like whatever, it won't be to everyone's taste so I can live with that... blah blah blah... script is good, actors are good... blah blah blah... DISAPPOINTING LACK OF CHEMISTRY BETWEEN KNIGHTLY AND MCFADDEN...

Cue extremely vocal display of disgust from Bea.

It was only then that I noticed the title of the review as "Chemistry lacks in Pride's prize pair"... don't judge... I'm usually half asleep until 10am and 3 coffees later.

So, a challenge for you folks... Should the mood strike you and you go and see the movie (as you should)... I'd like to hear your thoughts on this (cue quotation fingers) "reviewer's" take on the movie. Personally I do not think that this Norman fellow would know "passion" if it jumped up and bit him square in the... well, in a place where it wouldn't be nice if anything bit you there... think groin area... ouch.



Breaking the Cycle

I was thinking last night... about many things as usual... at some point I must have been thinking about poisonous carrots, unicorns and deserted islands because I had a CRAZY dream incorporating all three last night... anyway... that's not for here.

So I was thinking, as a person prone to insomnia is apt to do... stupid active mind. Anyway, with nary an exciting love match to dwell on at the moment my stupid active mind wandered to past exciting love matches. For what purposes? Who knows, it just did.

At any rate, my mind led me to a place where I thought back to what had gone wrong, or more to the point, what I had done wrong... and not just with relationships ended by the other person, but by ones ended by me. The one common denominator in all of them was that they these relationships were dominated by "excuses" in one form or another. And not excuses put forth by others necessarily, excuses that I made, to justify the behaviour of others and even my own feelings. The conclusion that I came to? No more excuses!!! You can't help the way you feel, just as others cannot help the way they feel. What you can do is live life on your terms and making excuses is letting others have the control whether they are aware of it or not. Most likely the latter.

If you have to make excuses, then something isn't right. In the realm of relationships, if the person is right for you and vice versa, excuses should not be necessary. The following are some examples of excuses I have made and/or been the victim of and have been both the excuse-er and the excuse-ee at one point in time or another.

"He/she wants to spend time with me, but he/she's so busy"
Bull crap. If a person wants to spend time with you, then he/she will make the time. Anything less then obviously you are not anywhere near this persons' priority and it would be best to move on to someone who will may you their priority, otherwise you'll be spending the next who knows how long making excuses for their other behaviour. Somewhat related but not really is a new person in your life (ahem... lavaperson) who just can never seem to find the time to meet up with you... "I don't know what to say, work/I've just never been this busy ever but..." I have used this excuse only when I had too many guys on the go. This excuse coming from me could just as well have read "... but as soon as I am done meeting the other 16 people who I have more interest in AND if none of them work out, I'll give you a call." Nice Karma Bea...

"He/She isn't committing because they have been single for a long time and are afraid to give up their independence"
A personal favorite of mine as it was one that I used for many a month when it came to the former-PNB... as some of my friends here can attest to (thanks for being too nice to give me a shake and tell me I was being an idiot). I used this excuse to fool myself into believing that his lack of commitment/ not wanting to spend very much time with me could not have possibly been that he was NOT interested in me (I am way too adorable after all)... he just had some inner issues to deal with and once they were sorted things would be all roses and puppy dogs. I was an idiot, it's true, but I am super glad it happened because I learned that the excuse only served to drag a hopeless situation on longer than it should have and I will never again accept anything less than what I deserve. Even the staunchest of bachelors/bachelorettes will willingly give up their single lives when the right person comes along.

"He/She isn't smothering me, he/she just loves me. I just need some more time"
Another one I used on myself and again it made a hopeless situation drag on for longer than it should have. It's a very bad feeling when you realize that your partner's feelings towards you are far stronger than yours will ever be. You may love me, but when the thought of you touching me makes me shudder, more time is not the answer. And even more time? Definitely not the answer. And even more time after that... You get the idea. Lesson learned Universe.

Of course there are even more excuses people use to justify the behaviour of others and they can be pretty bad. Physical and emotional abuse are things that I have yet to come across (knock on a GIANT piece of wood), but my expert experience from having watched many a day time talk show is that the abusee excuses the behaviour of the abuser (It was my fault, I got him/her angry...) and thus perpetuates the cycle.

anyway, I didn't want to get so terribly dark... This is all just part of my personal growth. Admitting it is the first step to recovery after all. Break the cycle.



A Tad Busy Today...

So this is going to be brief. In a nutshell, the launch last night was really fun. There was indeed free booze to be had as well as a gift bag (adorable scarf and toque), models fainting, you know, the usual... And the food, or lack thereof? Meh... something to be desired. I enjoyed the popcorn I made when I got home (just in time for House yay) much more...

Mmmm... popcorn...


The 5 o'clock News

I have some exciting news. And I have some not so exciting news. I will leave it up to you to decide which is which.

The first news is that tonight I will be hobnobbing with a variety of folks at the unveiling of the Team Canada clothing launch. Am I excited? Not really. After all, I was already hobnobbing with high-performance sports movers and shakers last week at the Canada Sport Hall of Fame induction. However, rumours have it that there are gift bags to be had, and after a looooooooooooong day at work with no internet where I was forced to endure a whole day of actually doing WORK and as such would be just as happy heading home and curling up in front of my best friend TV and watching House... breath... the gift bag (and free food and booze) calls and away to the launch I must.

The other news? It's official... I have a November quota-filler for this Saturday. Am I excited? Not really. He is hardly my type and he already has one strike against him in that he disappeared once (no, it isn't the "I literally toot my own horn disappearing and reappearing time waster" from yesterday's posting... who is not to be confused with the "I literally" guy as the horn tooter literally does toot a horn (literally) as opposed to the "I literally" guy repeatedly saying that he "literally" did something when he clearly did not "literally" do it... just want to be clear on that) and randomly came back about a week ago (literally)... Definitely seems to be a "theme" in my love life of late and not one that I am particularly fond of.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE themes. Theme tunes? Love them... The Family Guy theme... It seems today, that all you see... Love it. Theme parks? Disneyland, the happiest place on earth? Love it. Decorating one's room in the theme of My Little Pony? Love, love, love it...

Anyway, there you have it. Some news, such that it is...

Later Potaters,


It's a Beautiful Day

Gorgeous Day (or at least it started off that way) in the Big Smoke today and with it comes some revelations. Perhaps the biggest of which is that I think (not positive mind you) that I may want to get out there and start dating again. How I am going to go about doing this without the help of an oft mentioned on-line dating site? That is the main question. And of course, by "help" I mean train wreck, disaster, bane of existence, evil incarnate... take your pick. So hopefully some juicier postings will be available in the near future...

I'm fed up that the only guy in my life right now is my August (I think August) quota-filler who disappeared and then came back out of the blue a month later. The last 2 months have consisted of a plethora of 2 line emails-- among them, some of the little gems word for word that follow:

Good to hear Oreo is doing well....maybe later in week...hook up....busy this and all to ya..Time Waster

Sorry for not getting back to you on the party....working too much. Just so you know, been giving you the horn while going by your place.... So, how's Oreo? Reply when can...Time Waster

Well, good to here kitty is alive...going to older brothers tonight..parents are in town...b-o-r-i-n-g...well talk to you soon ...Time Waster

Ya...just found out parents coming up sat. e-mail tomorrow...home all day....have off...Time Waster...

Yes, yes, I have been playing along for the past couple months... The social experimenter in me couldn't help it. I finally decided to put an end to it by explaining to him what was NOT (bea was a bad girl... so sue me... but she isn't stupid... guys just don't come back for no reason at all) going to happen when and if I ever got more than a "working too much, parents coming to town, busy with football this weekend" email. Sufficed to say I have not heard back although it seems that he actually has been abusing his engineer (he drives trains or something) privileges like he says he has and blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaring the horn as he passes ye olde loft. If not him, then it would seem that he has instructed all his train buddies to do so when they pass because all I can say is Dear Lord... I think the roommie-- who was (un)fortunate enough to be an ear-witness to such an event yesterday--put it best when she said something along the lines of... "I guess it's sweet and all... but tell him to STOP".

Here's hoping that I can meet someone who doesn't toot his own horn...


PS. Long-time BP readers will already know the story of my stalker, but for those of you who do not... or if you just want to see the fabulous art work added by the boys at e-closure, check out my contribution to the site.


Beatrices' So Far So Good Day

Don't got nuthin' to say. Just wanted to make it so that my bad day yesterday was not the first thing that came up... I'm over it.

So far, today has gone well... In fact, it is zipping by. It's one thing when a Monday goes by really quickly, but when a Friday does? Man, that's better than... Well, I'm not exactly sure what it's better than... but it's better than something.

Any thoughts?


Beatrice's Bad Day

Sorry folks... really, really wanted to tell you about the fun time Girl and I had at the Canada Sports Hall of Fame induction dinner last night... but I can't...

... Because I am about 2.5 seconds from quitting... or being fired... or getting yelled at again. I hate being yelled at. Being yelled at reminds me of my Dad (who I love very, very much as he is the best Dad ever) who only ever raised his voice when my brother and I did something really, really bad... or at least when we maybe did something somewhat bad but the pain in his back was so intolerable that he sort of took it out on us. It happened very, very rarely but when it did... man oh man, you had better duck because when that bag of frozen peas came soaring at you from across the kitchen, they came bloody fast. And when that bag of peas missed you... because you are young and have the reflexes of a fox... and hit the wall behind you instead... well, that wasn't fun either because, although your Dad might have thrown the peas in the first place, you can rest assured that he won't be cleaning them up... and do know how many peas come in a full bag of frozen peas? I do. There are a lot. A lot of frozen peas in a full bag of frozen peas... and they get everywhere because they are round little suckers... and you had better clean them while they are still frozen because once they defrost, they get all mushy and stick to everything... so your best bet is for you and your brother to keep a straight face and clean it up, as your Dad slams the door to go for a walk so he can cool down without throwing anymore frozen food(s) at the children and/or the wall... and then go and play some video games and wait for your Dad to come back and apologize...

... Except in this instance there were no peas... and my brother is all the way in Vancouver... and I HIGHLY doubt that the CEO, peas or no peas, is going to come back and apologize for yelling at me for no reason.

I want my Daddy.


On the Way to Work...

So, this morning's commute had me on ye olde 168 Symington on the way to the subway station... I hesitate to say as per usual because of late I have gone out of my way to "run late" while getting ready in the morning so that the roomie will drive me to the subway on her way to work... Truth be told, taking the bus in the morning raises my blood pressure to dangerously high levels. Also, running late is something that just comes naturally to me so... anyway.

This morning, like most mornings (although I somehow managed to snag a seat at the front almost as soon as I got on) had the bus stupid full up at the front but fairly vacant at the back. The driver was not one to actually give a care, so while everyone waiting at the next stops could have conceivably been able to board and not been left behind, he made no effort to ask people to move back... and as we all know, people will not move back on their own accord AND as we did not have that adorable mentally challenged girl on the bus to remind people both to move to the back and remove their backpacks AND as my idea of using tasers, as of today, has not had the degree of support I would have liked... dozens or so people were left behind to wait in the rain.

Like, whatever... this happens all the time and I should be used to it. I am... mostly... although I find it hard to not let my empathy get the better of me. Anyway, we finally arrive at the station and I made my way to the front to leave by those doors and prepared myself to say "Thank You" to the bus driver as I always do if I given the chance to leave by way of the front. I was prepared for a "you're welcome", which is the typical answer, or even a "have a nice day", or even a "thank you" in return... I was also prepared for the non-response which I get sometimes, which I mostly take for the bus driver being too shocked that someone actually thanked them instead of yelling at them, or shooting them, which seems to be happening of late in Toronto... but today, I got a response that I was wholly unprepared for. In response to my "Thank You Mr. Bus Driver Man, for picking me up and guiding me to safely to the subway station where I can begin the next leg of my journey on the way to work", I received a "Good Luck" in reply.

Good Luck

Good Luck with what? Good Luck with my commute? Good Luck with my day? Good Luck with my love life? Good luck with finding an outfit for the Canada Sports Hall of Fame induction dinner tomorrow? Good Luck

Well... if the bus driver wished it... so mote it be.

Bea "rushing out to by that winning lottery ticket" Petty