Island Livin'

Hello All!

From the other side of the country. I made it, kitty made it. Actually, kitty did better than I did... Here's a little factoid about Bea and travel.

I am one of those rare people who ALWAYS requests an aisle seat when they travel by plane. Why? Well, for whatever reason, as soon as I wake up on the day that I am getting on a plane, my body knows and plots against me. I ask for aisle seats, not because I don't like to look out the window, but because I don't want to be "that" person. You know, the one who is constantly climbing over the other two people to go to the bathroom and times it just when they have fallen into a deep sleep. Yep, that's me when I am in the window seat. And so, as usual I request my aisle seat and get told that as I am traveling with a cat, I HAVE to take the window seat.

And that's when my body decided that not only was it going to shrink my bladder to the size of a grain of sand thus turning every drop of liquid that passed though my lips into little droplets of evil... but that it was also going to be turned into a temple... a temple dedicated to the God Gassius Methanus. All I am going to say is that my flight was NOT exactly the most fun one ever.

And now I am on a wee little island about to head into the village to plunk myself down at a little seaside cafe and let the creative juices flow. How much am I loving being on holiday? So much that to put it in writing would not do it justice.



A Few Observations

Now that my social life has been put on hold for the time being, as I am due to go back to the mini-island from whence I came very shortly (and I am done fishing for the time being)... this of course, assumes that the bazillion feet of snow that we are expecting over the next 24 hours does not wreak havoc with my flight like it did last year. Fingers crossed that I am flying with an airline who will not choose to go belly up 2 days before Christmas like last time... I said fingers crossed dammit!!! That's' right, both of them... Thank you.

Anyway, I've been making metal notes of various things that I have noticed. Observances if you will and I've been dying to put them down as reference for when and if I ever decide to pick up the pen and write a letter to the editor, mayor etc... I like to think of them as suggestions on how to make living in the big city better for EVERYONE. Here is one that comes up pretty much on a daily basis...

Some things should not be allowed on public transit during rush hour. Now, if anyone out there frequently uses mass transit to commute to and from work, regardless of what city you live in, I think you'll be able to relate. Here is a list of items/behaviours that make it very awkward for the rest of us to have a comfortable commute... which is practically impossible even under the best of circumstances: giant rolls of carpeting big enough to carpet your entire house, big dogs that bark, entire classrooms of students on field trips, bags of hockey equipment enough to outfit an entire team, anything sharp and pointy, eating McDonalds, a ghetto blaster cranked to the max with crappy rap music (or any other kind of music for that matter), people preaching openly about Jesus and about going to hell for your lack of enthusiasm and belief therein...

I have so many more but I feel I must away to the loft before I get caught up in snow drifts...



Mr. Right Now???

... Is Mr. No Longer... unofficially anyway, but I am sure my body language was pretty loud and clear.

You know when you are supposedly interested in someone and you hang on their every word and actually give a care about what they are saying? Their thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions etc...

Last night was kind of the opposite of that. Don't get me wrong, he is a nice guy... but I have to be honest and ask myself...

"Do I really want to hear another story about what it is like to be a night security guard at the Zoo?"

And the answer would be...


I'm kidding... sort of... not really. Actually, there are issues that run deeper than the fact that he isn't all that exciting and just won't challenge me like I need to be... fundamental issues that the two of us have spent the entire time skirting around, although we both know they are there. Issues such as one of us being a big fan of Bush... actually we are both fans of Bush although for me, being a fan of Bush entails the musical stylings of one adorable Gavin Rossdale as opposed to the president of our neighbours to the south... issues of one of us being for the war in Iraq, one against... pro-guns vs. anti-guns... pro-fundamental human rights vs. anti-fundamental human rights... you know, those sorts of happy little things.

Don't get me wrong, I am not looking for someone with the same opinions as me... as someone who loves to debate that would be awfully boring. But there are just some things that one cannot reconcile... also, I was kind of pissed that he didn't drive me home last week after our movie.

Yep, I'm a big baby.



I've Found Mr. Right...

... Right Now, that is.

I've not been up to a whole heck of a lot, hence the lack of postings for the past few days however... I have seemingly met someone who seemingly seems to be interested... or so it would seem. T'was my "keep in touch" fella who is doing an excellent job at keeping on touch. We went out again last week and will again go out tonight.

Normally, this would have yours truly all very excited etc... (because like omg... Bea on a second/third date???) but I just cannot find it. There are lots of reasons most of which make me sound like a horribly shallow person.

What can I say? He misrepresented what he does for a living, and now that I know the whole truth... meh... whatever. And don't get me started on the plethora of model police cruisers he has strategically placed all around his apartment...

So I guess I like him enough to want to see him again... but if pressed to actually start something more serious? Let's just say that I am pretty sure that I know exactly how the former-PNB felt about me about the same time last year. Kind of weird the shoe being on the other foot. I don't like it. I prefer my shoes to be on the same foot that they were designed for, as opposed to walking all duck-footed.

Anyway, you've got the update and now I must get back to work, for I leave this weekend for beautiful BC and some time with the fam. I fear that Christmas just will not be as much fun last year as my Mother has dis-invited my crazy uncle from this Christmas, as well as all future ones. T'is a pity really, because... call me crazy, but doesn't every family need a drunken uncle whose gifts consist of items stolen from construction sites and garbage dumpsters at their holiday celebration? I thought so...



Houston, We Have a Problem...

In my last posting I included an email that the roomie received via the ichthyological dating site that we both have gotten a huge kick out of. And because I am never one to be out done by said roomie, I thought I would share my recent correspondence with our little friend from Houston.

E-mail #1

i know u i thinki saw u last night in my dream i was sleep only 7 mint and u play ur role for 3 mint--lol
please ignore my english (lol
i m from here doing textile
i just move here from houston
and u
i love hosue music in club
i m film student too
i had car accident that y i stop my study in these days hope fully i will start in jan
and u
missreply me pls
i m not stupid to tell my storybut i feel stupid to sell myself
i m for sale

+ about 30 different emoticons

E-mail #2 (written about 2.5 seconds after I read the first one)

no plan for reply
i know usendme but ur msg missiissng
reply again

E-Mail #3


I would like to mention here that I did respond to him after his last e-mail and politely explained that it is not unusual for people who are not interested to just simply not reply. I thanked him for his interest and wished him luck... what else could I do? I actually now believe that his car accident did more than just stop his studies. Poor guy.

On a happier note, although not necessarily a more eloquent one, I am meeting with Friday's Guy for dinner and a movie tomorrow... I know, it's a school night but alas, what one must do in the name of one's social life.


ps... A bummer about House eh? Stupid Billboard Music Awards...


"Keep In Touch..."

Was what my date from Friday said at the end of our phone conversation the next day. I was forced to reflect back on a posting I did a while ago about the etiquette on wanting to see someone again and I had to admit, "keep in touch" was one that I hadn't really come across... until now. What did it mean?

Apparently I have become much more "blunt" in the past while so instead of spending countless hours of speculation on just what exactly "keep in touch" meant... was it a "I had a lot of fun and for sure we should go out again so make sure to keep in touch" keep in touch... or was it a "I really have no desire to ever want to go out again but I am going to say keep in touch because it is a heck of a lot nicer than saying that straight out" keep in touch?

I had to know... so I asked straight out... and pleasantly enough, the answer was the former... sort of... although a more formal response I could not possible have gotten. Think business reply email...

Dear Bea; (yes, semi-column was in there)

Thank you for your e-mail. As stated on Friday I am not really looking to get involved with someone right away but if I did meet someone and it went well, I might reconsider. That being said, I would like to see you again. Perhaps we can go to Office Depot and go pen shopping, or perhaps dinner and a movie where we might have some popcorn. I might get butter or I might not. I have not yet decided. As I stated on Friday, I am not much of a butter lover but on the right bucket of popcorn, say, if it were freshly popped, I might reconsider. Keep in touch.


Ok, so he did no suggest pen shopping, but it was kind of a weird email. Speaking of weird emails, Molly got this little gem the other day on that crazy ass free dating site:

hi this is me from hill
i read ur profle is nice
b4 u read my mail please ignore my english--lol
i just move here from houston
i start my textile bussienss here
i m film student too
i trance and house
and u i had a car accident that y i stop my studyin these days
i m looking nice and decent lady here--r u ?
may i knowu ?
reply must

I tried to tell her NOT to go out with him... but she just would not listen...she's a sucker for poor grammar and nonsensical ramblings. She'd have to be... she puts up with me after all.

Also, is there another Houston... like say, Houston, Turkey... or Houston, Poland? Houston, Mars? Just wondering.



Nothing Happened... still...

And forever more it would seem.

I had spent a good portion of the morning going between actually working and writing a post that was triggered by a dream about a certain someone who has disappeared from my life in recent months and mused over whether or not it was because of a little kiss that took place one night after probably one too many beers and that maybe he got freaked out and thought I was going to start liking him again... or something silly like that. I finished it and had to rush off to a meeting before I could post... when I came back to my desk an hour later, my computer had mysteriously closed the page and I lost the entire thing. Oddly enough, nothing else I had open was closed. I took that as a sign that posting it was not meant to be and I won't rewrite it. The Universe's way of telling me to shut the hell up I suppose...

Funny how things like work.

So today you can blame the Universe, a conference call, the internet and the 2006 Olympic Winter Games for another lameass posting... Go ahead, I have.