Houston, We Have a Problem...

In my last posting I included an email that the roomie received via the ichthyological dating site that we both have gotten a huge kick out of. And because I am never one to be out done by said roomie, I thought I would share my recent correspondence with our little friend from Houston.

E-mail #1

i know u i thinki saw u last night in my dream i was sleep only 7 mint and u play ur role for 3 mint--lol
please ignore my english (lol
i m from here doing textile
i just move here from houston
and u
i love hosue music in club
i m film student too
i had car accident that y i stop my study in these days hope fully i will start in jan
and u
missreply me pls
i m not stupid to tell my storybut i feel stupid to sell myself
i m for sale

+ about 30 different emoticons

E-mail #2 (written about 2.5 seconds after I read the first one)

no plan for reply
i know usendme but ur msg missiissng
reply again

E-Mail #3


I would like to mention here that I did respond to him after his last e-mail and politely explained that it is not unusual for people who are not interested to just simply not reply. I thanked him for his interest and wished him luck... what else could I do? I actually now believe that his car accident did more than just stop his studies. Poor guy.

On a happier note, although not necessarily a more eloquent one, I am meeting with Friday's Guy for dinner and a movie tomorrow... I know, it's a school night but alas, what one must do in the name of one's social life.


ps... A bummer about House eh? Stupid Billboard Music Awards...


mollyblogger said...

Just FYI, House was showing in the maritimes... and it was a re-run.

Also, so as not to be outdone by YOU, I'm going to go out on a date with Mr. Car Accident. Because the severely brain-damaged find me quite alluring as well.

Beatrice Petty said...

I am sorry Molly, but it seems he only has eyes for me:

r u nice and u r not bad gurl
i was kidding
i know i m differnet then u that y i ty to opproch u ,
i love ur reply
ifu think after 100 years i m ur type
then reply me in haven

TheatreChick73 said...

i mis house badly much
u same too

mollyblogger said...

Okay, I'll acquiesce. He's all yours, Bea. Be good to him...