I've Found Mr. Right...

... Right Now, that is.

I've not been up to a whole heck of a lot, hence the lack of postings for the past few days however... I have seemingly met someone who seemingly seems to be interested... or so it would seem. T'was my "keep in touch" fella who is doing an excellent job at keeping on touch. We went out again last week and will again go out tonight.

Normally, this would have yours truly all very excited etc... (because like omg... Bea on a second/third date???) but I just cannot find it. There are lots of reasons most of which make me sound like a horribly shallow person.

What can I say? He misrepresented what he does for a living, and now that I know the whole truth... meh... whatever. And don't get me started on the plethora of model police cruisers he has strategically placed all around his apartment...

So I guess I like him enough to want to see him again... but if pressed to actually start something more serious? Let's just say that I am pretty sure that I know exactly how the former-PNB felt about me about the same time last year. Kind of weird the shoe being on the other foot. I don't like it. I prefer my shoes to be on the same foot that they were designed for, as opposed to walking all duck-footed.

Anyway, you've got the update and now I must get back to work, for I leave this weekend for beautiful BC and some time with the fam. I fear that Christmas just will not be as much fun last year as my Mother has dis-invited my crazy uncle from this Christmas, as well as all future ones. T'is a pity really, because... call me crazy, but doesn't every family need a drunken uncle whose gifts consist of items stolen from construction sites and garbage dumpsters at their holiday celebration? I thought so...


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