Nothing Happened... still...

And forever more it would seem.

I had spent a good portion of the morning going between actually working and writing a post that was triggered by a dream about a certain someone who has disappeared from my life in recent months and mused over whether or not it was because of a little kiss that took place one night after probably one too many beers and that maybe he got freaked out and thought I was going to start liking him again... or something silly like that. I finished it and had to rush off to a meeting before I could post... when I came back to my desk an hour later, my computer had mysteriously closed the page and I lost the entire thing. Oddly enough, nothing else I had open was closed. I took that as a sign that posting it was not meant to be and I won't rewrite it. The Universe's way of telling me to shut the hell up I suppose...

Funny how things like work.

So today you can blame the Universe, a conference call, the internet and the 2006 Olympic Winter Games for another lameass posting... Go ahead, I have.


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