Hey Diddly-Ho Neighbourinos,

Well, here I am, my first weekend passed in Onterrible--a horrible moniker but fitting today as the weather is absolute kakka. A huge difference from this past weekend which was spectacular. I wish I had some wonderful stories to tell from my first Toronto weekend but in truth, it was pretty quiet. I am actually not in Toronto proper but Mississauga staying at my friend Dee's parents house so I am a wee bit isolated. What am I doing right now you may be asking yourself? Well, obviously I am typing my blog but I am also on hold with Bell who was supposed to have put my # change through hours ago. It's been about 12 minutes now. Am I happy??? In a word, no.

Got to have a bite with my wonderful friend E today as he works by the big mall where I got my # changed (supposedly). It was great to see him and I look forward to seeing him a bit more often than I did whilst living on the rock. And let's see... what else did I do this weekend. Looked at an amazing loft on Saturday but not sure if Dee and I can swing it as it needs a little bit of reno put in before we could make it work.

Sunday was great... went to the ROM and checked out the Eternal Egypt exhibit. It'll be in Victoria on July 10th and I highly recommend it. Unless you plan on visiting the British Museum before you die you will be hard pressed to find a broader sweep of historical artefacts. If I may make some suggestions however... DO NOT GO: 1) on a weekend 2) when the exhibit first opens 3) a week before the exhibit closes. I did 2 out of 3 and found myself frustrated with the crowds. It's possible that I will head again before friday and get a better look.

That is all,


Well people,

Here I am, my last night in BC for a while. I am way too tired to go into the gory details of the last couple of days... today in particular but please don't fret my pretties. As I type my mind is whirring away at all the MoveKu possibilities. Stay tuned.

Sorry, but that will have to do for now. I need to sleep.



BE PETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A big hey to KS. Lots of clouds here tonight, with my good friend SAM. Together, we present the newest in the line of designer haikus... HealthKu:

It's Very Chewy, by SAM

it's very chewy...
my healthy granola snack
please, don't make me fat.

dude, whatever



A big thanks goes out to Wee, who luckily pointed out the "TDB" made no sense. She is absolutely right, although I do happen to think that "to de betermined" has a nice ring to it. Please sign my petition if you think so too. Also, I think "to ae bannounced" is also good.

With regards to the "TDB" from my previous post, my wrist has now turned a a gorgeous yellowy colour with just a titch of bright red for that extra flair. Luckily, the swelling hasn't gone down.

So, I was going to regale y'all with my new honku entitled "Fuckers from Alberta, go home!", but I decided that I would write my "OldNavyKu" because that is what I have been doing for most of today.

Lament to the 1 1/2 Line Up

Oh, cheap ass clothing...
Why do we all love you so?
Glad I don't work here!

Enough for now. I'mm off to shred and then to see Brad Pitt's ass. Yay!



Hello my lovelies!

Well, here I am once again, same as usual except for a remarkable party wound that I picked up on Saturday night/Sunday am. Let me just set up the scenario for y'all.

Date: Saturday, May 16th
Event: MG's Stagette

5pm-7pm: All aboard the SS Fantasea IV for some drinks and fun.
7pm-7:05pm: Stop at a wharf to pick up Carlos, the midget stripper (ok, he wasn't exactly a midget, but 5'2" is pretty darn close)
7:05pm-7:30pm: Converse with said stripper
7:30pm-7:50pm: Wait around for said stripper to wank himself off.
7:50pm-8pm: Watch stripper girate for MG. Relish in the look of disgust on MG's face as Minipeeler does his "Ice cream Man" number... so funny!

Jump ahead to....................
11pm-3am: Get progressivley wasted. At somepoint early on, lose purse with keys and phone.
3am: Unable to find purse, arrive home ready to break in through Oreo's window in the back.
3:10am: Weight of the 50lb old fashionned window comes crashing down on wrist.

Sunday, May 17th: BAD BAD DAY!!!!!

Monday through Tuesday: arm getting bluer and purplier and puffier by the minute

Wednesday- TDB

So, there you have it, not one of my most spectacular pw's... nothing broken or sprained at any rate. But I'm sure you all have some better stories than that. Feel free to share.

Other than that, just getting the old apt. ready for the move. Same old shite. Leave in one week and 3 days. Can't wait to see everyone in TO!




It's been ages since I've done an update. I love the new version of blogger... so pretty.

Anyway folks, my sincerest apologies for the lack of activity on Be Petty this last month (my friend Art gave me kakka for not having written anything since April... I'll try not to mention that he didn't update his for 2 months...oops, I guess I just mentionned it). So sue me people... I've been busy. It takes a lot of work to up and move across the country by yourself!!!

Do I have a job yet? Nope. A place to live? Nyet. A clue about anything at all??? Absafuckinglutely not! But that's half the fun right? I'll just keep telling myself that. But seriously, despite some people telling me that I am making the wrong decision (actually just one person) everyone, including my parents are very excited for me. Yay. And of course I am excited for myself. Worried? Yes. Afterall, I may be SUPERCOOL in little old Victoria, but will I be so in Toronto? I guess I should be thankful that I no longer strive to be a full time party girl... I hear the TO nightclubs are a tad more formal than the ones out here ("Like, oh ma gawd Britney, did you see that girl? She's like, wearing jeans out to a club? let's shun her!). Yes, some people fear world war, crime and clowns but not me (I trust you will all figure out that I am joking... mostly... I don't like clowns).

As I type, my car is in for a wee bit of servicing so I can sell it before I leave. Anyone wanna buy a Mazda 626? Car 5-0 is a very nice little car. Been around the block a few times and slightly abused by his current owner, but he would make a nice student a good little car. Any takers? Going once, twice....

So, besides packing etc... not much else new to report. I do have a RRDJ to throw out though. For a nice little getaway from reality, check out Van Helsing (Dee, think Lucius Malfoy and you'll figure out how to pronounce it, hee hee.... Harry Potter comes out June 4th yay... sorry folks, a little bit of an aside). I went and saw it this week with my good friend SAM who happend to spy the 2 production mistakes made in the entire film. Maybe those with a prediliction for being nitpicky should avoid the film. Anyway, a nice little yarn... good effects, interesting story, some plot twists, Hugh Jackman. You know, the usual things that make a movie a good one. Mmmmmm, Hugh Jackman... Talk amongst yourselves while I fantasize for a few minutes.......................................... Ok, I'm back. So, yah, check out Van Helsing, the newest movie to carry the Be Petty seal of approval. What's on the [plate next--Troy, this sunday suposedly. I'll let y'all know what I think of that. But with little Legolas in it, how can it not be good? Mmmmm, Legolas....