Hey Diddly-Ho Neighbourinos,

Well, here I am, my first weekend passed in Onterrible--a horrible moniker but fitting today as the weather is absolute kakka. A huge difference from this past weekend which was spectacular. I wish I had some wonderful stories to tell from my first Toronto weekend but in truth, it was pretty quiet. I am actually not in Toronto proper but Mississauga staying at my friend Dee's parents house so I am a wee bit isolated. What am I doing right now you may be asking yourself? Well, obviously I am typing my blog but I am also on hold with Bell who was supposed to have put my # change through hours ago. It's been about 12 minutes now. Am I happy??? In a word, no.

Got to have a bite with my wonderful friend E today as he works by the big mall where I got my # changed (supposedly). It was great to see him and I look forward to seeing him a bit more often than I did whilst living on the rock. And let's see... what else did I do this weekend. Looked at an amazing loft on Saturday but not sure if Dee and I can swing it as it needs a little bit of reno put in before we could make it work.

Sunday was great... went to the ROM and checked out the Eternal Egypt exhibit. It'll be in Victoria on July 10th and I highly recommend it. Unless you plan on visiting the British Museum before you die you will be hard pressed to find a broader sweep of historical artefacts. If I may make some suggestions however... DO NOT GO: 1) on a weekend 2) when the exhibit first opens 3) a week before the exhibit closes. I did 2 out of 3 and found myself frustrated with the crowds. It's possible that I will head again before friday and get a better look.

That is all,

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