Hello my lovelies!

Well, here I am once again, same as usual except for a remarkable party wound that I picked up on Saturday night/Sunday am. Let me just set up the scenario for y'all.

Date: Saturday, May 16th
Event: MG's Stagette

5pm-7pm: All aboard the SS Fantasea IV for some drinks and fun.
7pm-7:05pm: Stop at a wharf to pick up Carlos, the midget stripper (ok, he wasn't exactly a midget, but 5'2" is pretty darn close)
7:05pm-7:30pm: Converse with said stripper
7:30pm-7:50pm: Wait around for said stripper to wank himself off.
7:50pm-8pm: Watch stripper girate for MG. Relish in the look of disgust on MG's face as Minipeeler does his "Ice cream Man" number... so funny!

Jump ahead to....................
11pm-3am: Get progressivley wasted. At somepoint early on, lose purse with keys and phone.
3am: Unable to find purse, arrive home ready to break in through Oreo's window in the back.
3:10am: Weight of the 50lb old fashionned window comes crashing down on wrist.

Sunday, May 17th: BAD BAD DAY!!!!!

Monday through Tuesday: arm getting bluer and purplier and puffier by the minute

Wednesday- TDB

So, there you have it, not one of my most spectacular pw's... nothing broken or sprained at any rate. But I'm sure you all have some better stories than that. Feel free to share.

Other than that, just getting the old apt. ready for the move. Same old shite. Leave in one week and 3 days. Can't wait to see everyone in TO!


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