Allo Allo,

So, just finished reading Dude, Where's My Country. Absolutely fantastic but at the same time, scary as hell. I stand by my belief that Michael Moore will one day a) be President of the United States, b) be assasinated by right-wing conservative wackos (aka the bush administration), c) seek poilical asylum in Canada or d) all of the above. I guess only time will tell. I am waiting impatiently to see Farenheit 9/11. Rest assured, when the time comes Petty will be there to give you the yay or nay. As I type I am a little teary eyed as I watch the end of Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow. Is there any writer as gifted as Jane Austen? I think not. I love happy endings.

Speaking of happy endings, it looks as though Dee and I will be taking this sweet-ass loft that we found downtown. It reminds of the the ones you see the cool people in movies living in. Best of all, it has this uber-great patio that is almost the size of the main floor of the loft. Oh, the plans we have for it! My good friend S.T-B will be proud once we get it all organized for growing veggies etc... And no, the etc... doesn't include anything that will allow Petty to Be Petty. Petty is not in Kansas, I mean BC anymore folks!

I will leave you for now, but before I do, I will present you with this StormKu, in honour of my first Ontario Thunderstom which occured last night.

White Stripes

White Stripes, striking down
Amid a clasp of thunder
Could it rain harder?

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Vandelay Industries said...

"Could it rain harder?"


Let me know when the humidy starts.

I'll check out the Egypt stuff- thanks for the heads-up.

Enjoy the big-city.