Yo-Yo Ma!

Did you know that there is actually a Yo-Yo Ma street here? Right off of Queens Quay (kwaaayyyy ;). Very bizarre. Speaking of bizarre... so, right now, I am staying in a lovely little rooming house in Cracktown USA... very posh dawlings... but hey, it's cheap. I was going to say clean but I can't be sure of that. Luckily it's only for this week and then I get to move into "Super-Loft". Yay, I can't wait.

As I have been sitting here, in this internet cafe on Bloor, a guy sitting very near to me has been having a pleasant chat with his girlfriend... wait, that doesn't quite describe it. Actually, they have been fighting and just broke up... I heard the whole thing (blah, blah, blah stalking, blah, blah, blah don't call me ever again bitch). Now he is on his phone changing all his numbers, while doing whatever on the internet. Apparently he is quite the multi-tasker... we could all learn a lesson from this chap, I'm telling ya. I'm thinking that maybe this busy internet cafe is not the best place to have uber-personal conversations but hey... that's just one gals' opinion.

Speaking of opinions... tossing around production company names with my good friend Dee. We really like "Cold Spore Productions" but it was shot down by a couple of people. Whaddy'all think? Any other suggestions? I'm also toying around with "Petty Coat Productions" but that doesn't really work with Dee at all... Somehow, we need to combine "petty" with "czech"... if you can come up with something, let me know. "Petty Coat Czech"? Don't think so.

Alright, I'm outy people. RRDJ before I do though. Brigette Jones' Diary. Colin Firth and Hugh Grant... Enough said!


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