"Keep In Touch..."

Was what my date from Friday said at the end of our phone conversation the next day. I was forced to reflect back on a posting I did a while ago about the etiquette on wanting to see someone again and I had to admit, "keep in touch" was one that I hadn't really come across... until now. What did it mean?

Apparently I have become much more "blunt" in the past while so instead of spending countless hours of speculation on just what exactly "keep in touch" meant... was it a "I had a lot of fun and for sure we should go out again so make sure to keep in touch" keep in touch... or was it a "I really have no desire to ever want to go out again but I am going to say keep in touch because it is a heck of a lot nicer than saying that straight out" keep in touch?

I had to know... so I asked straight out... and pleasantly enough, the answer was the former... sort of... although a more formal response I could not possible have gotten. Think business reply email...

Dear Bea; (yes, semi-column was in there)

Thank you for your e-mail. As stated on Friday I am not really looking to get involved with someone right away but if I did meet someone and it went well, I might reconsider. That being said, I would like to see you again. Perhaps we can go to Office Depot and go pen shopping, or perhaps dinner and a movie where we might have some popcorn. I might get butter or I might not. I have not yet decided. As I stated on Friday, I am not much of a butter lover but on the right bucket of popcorn, say, if it were freshly popped, I might reconsider. Keep in touch.


Ok, so he did no suggest pen shopping, but it was kind of a weird email. Speaking of weird emails, Molly got this little gem the other day on that crazy ass free dating site:

hi this is me from hill
i read ur profle is nice
b4 u read my mail please ignore my english--lol
i just move here from houston
i start my textile bussienss here
i m film student too
i trance and house
and u i had a car accident that y i stop my studyin these days
i m looking nice and decent lady here--r u ?
may i knowu ?
reply must

I tried to tell her NOT to go out with him... but she just would not listen...she's a sucker for poor grammar and nonsensical ramblings. She'd have to be... she puts up with me after all.

Also, is there another Houston... like say, Houston, Turkey... or Houston, Poland? Houston, Mars? Just wondering.



wee said...

I'm sorry, has Molly 100% confirmed that this note was from a man? I have to admit the line "i m looking nice and decent lady here--r u ?" really confuses me.

mollyblogger said...

I felt sorry for him :(

He was trancing and housing and having car accidents (which is why he stopped studying, or speaking English).

Besides, I'm always on the market for a man with good bussienss sense.