On the Way to Work...

So, this morning's commute had me on ye olde 168 Symington on the way to the subway station... I hesitate to say as per usual because of late I have gone out of my way to "run late" while getting ready in the morning so that the roomie will drive me to the subway on her way to work... Truth be told, taking the bus in the morning raises my blood pressure to dangerously high levels. Also, running late is something that just comes naturally to me so... anyway.

This morning, like most mornings (although I somehow managed to snag a seat at the front almost as soon as I got on) had the bus stupid full up at the front but fairly vacant at the back. The driver was not one to actually give a care, so while everyone waiting at the next stops could have conceivably been able to board and not been left behind, he made no effort to ask people to move back... and as we all know, people will not move back on their own accord AND as we did not have that adorable mentally challenged girl on the bus to remind people both to move to the back and remove their backpacks AND as my idea of using tasers, as of today, has not had the degree of support I would have liked... dozens or so people were left behind to wait in the rain.

Like, whatever... this happens all the time and I should be used to it. I am... mostly... although I find it hard to not let my empathy get the better of me. Anyway, we finally arrive at the station and I made my way to the front to leave by those doors and prepared myself to say "Thank You" to the bus driver as I always do if I given the chance to leave by way of the front. I was prepared for a "you're welcome", which is the typical answer, or even a "have a nice day", or even a "thank you" in return... I was also prepared for the non-response which I get sometimes, which I mostly take for the bus driver being too shocked that someone actually thanked them instead of yelling at them, or shooting them, which seems to be happening of late in Toronto... but today, I got a response that I was wholly unprepared for. In response to my "Thank You Mr. Bus Driver Man, for picking me up and guiding me to safely to the subway station where I can begin the next leg of my journey on the way to work", I received a "Good Luck" in reply.

Good Luck

Good Luck with what? Good Luck with my commute? Good Luck with my day? Good Luck with my love life? Good luck with finding an outfit for the Canada Sports Hall of Fame induction dinner tomorrow? Good Luck with...life?

Well... if the bus driver wished it... so mote it be.

Bea "rushing out to by that winning lottery ticket" Petty


TheatreChick73 said...

Isn't a bus driver wishing you good luck like a handshake from a chimney sweep?

Or is it just as odd?

mollyblogger said...

I think he was saying good luck with life. But not in a happy Mr. Rogers kind of way. I think he was being facetious. Like a big ol' grumpy pants.

Beatrice Petty said...

Well, if he just so happened to be wishing me luck on finding something to wear for tomorrow night... it worked. Cutest little black coat ever!

And yes... it was very odd.