This was Bea getting onto the subway this morning. When I transfer to go north, the car is always empty as most people are heading downtown and not mid-town. It's a nice change from coming in from the west as it is usually stupid packed and it's so nice to get a little bit of breathing room.


The joy and rapture you see on my face was short lived, for 2.5 seconds later...


As you could tell from exhibit A, but so beautifully illustrated by yours truly with lovely yellow arrows in exhibit B, there were plenty O' seats to be had and none of them have led to me be smothered by a complete stranger.

It was truly one of the most bizarre events in my young life to date.

Bea "It must have been my animal magnetism" Petty


wee said...

That sucks - you know what also sucks? It's the scenario where you get onto a very packed train (or skytrain for my purposes) and you get off on the last stop and by about the 3rd last stop the train empties out BUT the person beside you also happens to be of the 'last stop' type so there the 2 of your are, side by side with a plethora of empty seats around you. What do you do? Do you move seats for the last few minutes of the ride and risk offending them? How far away do you move? Do you get up and stand by the door? Do you stay put and cozy up with them until your stop? What do you do??? Commuting is stressful!

Beatrice Petty said...

I'm sory to hear that Wee... but you know what that is don't you?

Yes, that's right...

It's Sod's Law.

TheatreChick73 said...

Okay, if I ever needed proof not to take transit when I visit your fine city, this is it! I am a MAGNET for those type of people. Close talkers, leaners, chatters...all those types...they find me.

That nixes the subway when I am in town two weeks! Yee haw!

Kevin said...

Eat lots of chili and let rip. Gets rid of 'em every time.

TheatreChick73 said...


You must pick up People's Sexiest Man Alive issue. Believe me, its worth for the drop gorgeous shot of you celebrity boyfriend Hugh Laurie. Those eyes are mesmerizing!

I know he's yours and all, but would you mind terribly if I saved the pic and drooled over it every once and a while?