I am back online...back to the land of the living... who knew it took so much effort to build a house? I thought you just took some pieces of wood and some boards and nailed them together? Little did I know that you also needed electricians, plumbers, appraisers, architects, inspectors etc... ? Glad I found out now. Sheesh!

A big HELLO and WELCOME BACk to Dee who drifted away from blogland for a wee while. Glad to have you back girl... In hear you about the writing thing...d'love to go to the Czech Republic...make it happen and I am there.

Also a big wasabi to my most excellent friend Cho. Love you, miss you... you are quite possibly the only person reading this... I love you for dat...mwa.

Have so many more interesting things to say but am way too freaking exhausted... love all of you,

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