My Be Petty pick of the week... although I was not Petty when I saw it (%#*#(!#&(!#(!)*$) is Starsky and Hutch. For people who HATE Ben Stiller with a passion, maybe you shouldn't go and see it (although for those people who hate him only when he gets the uber attractive girl...ahem, Dee) but as this doesn't happen... maybe you could. It's no Zoolander, but it is pretty funny-- definitely a movie to Be Petty for... hence, the Be Petty recommendation. Anything else would just be a RRDJ right???

Speaking of funny. Did you hear that Chris Rock is officially the funniest person in America? I would have to agree. He is pretty freaking hysterical!

As for the HOUSE THAT WILL NEVER BE FINISHED, as I have now fondly nicknamed it, I'm still plugging along. I really and truly believe that I will be stuck here until the end of time. But the bright side is that I am spending no money... which is good... seeing as how I have none. Works for me! Hello... Parks...last paycheque???

And now to the person whom I vicariously live my life through... KS. He's in South Korea of all places. Of all the people who get to go to cool places I am glad it is him... the least gastronomically picky person I know. He should write a food travel book. No, that's stupid (stupid Jen). What about that public washroom coffee table book idea that he and our mutual friend Eon (clean bill of health YAY!!!) came up with? I think it's a great idea. Oh...if I had had a million dollars... I'd buy you a chesterfield, or an ottoman, or pay for your book to get published. Nope. I'll leave the song writing to the BNL and Dee.

Jennie Poo

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