"Achieving your goals and dreams are my priorities. I am well educated, healthy individual. I have accomplished all my goals and I am very satified where I am to day. Do I want more improvment and changes? the answer is, Yes I want.

I live alone with %100 authorties about,what I do and how I do it . But, when you are with me, it is totally new ball game. You have %51 authority compare to my %49. You tell me, how would you like to achieve your goals and dream and I support you all the way. I will never try to change you, but to accept you just the way you are. If a year from now, you are not happy about your life and happiness, it is because, I have faild to help you. I am sorry.

If you have children, they are gift from haven and they are well come to my heart. In this situation authorities changes within the family. Children have %51, I have %24 and guess your authority. We will help them with all aspect of lives.

I have good news and bad news. First the good news: I would like to meet with you for a cup of coffee. We may respectfully agree to disagree and wish each other a good luck. But, What I am hoping is, you go home, call freinds and call your mom and tell her " Mom, I found him,I found him, I knew I could do it, I did it, I did it, I knew, he was there ,some where" Now, the bad news. you are non smoker and you are a female who believes in one man-one woman longterm commitment. I wish you good luck with all my heart."


I think that this proves, once and for all, that I have officially lost my Mojo for the time being. With no real luck on Lava for sometime now (and because I was so freakingly stupid bored this weekend), I decided to try Yahoo personals. Barry, 42, 5'4" was my very first contact. Barry put A LOT of effort into figuring about the percentages involved in a relationship. If only he had put that much effort into learning how to spell and punctuate (I'm such a bitch). He's also putting A LOT of stock in that first coffee date... I'm lucky if I can get a guy to call me again, let alone call his Mommy and say that he's found the one. Yikes! I wish him luck with all my heart.

Lesson learned UNIVERSE!!!

I am off Yahoo Personals.

Off to find my groove...


LuckySpinster said...

poor grammar is such a turn-off.

i've always wondered how to quantify relationships. now i know!

Beatrice Petty said...

True Dat!

But so is the gratuitous use of math!

kopps said...

hey its your old do I get ahold of u? Your life is much more entertaining than mine..I'm not much of a writer, but I try and read to keep up with you....kopps

Beatrice Petty said...

Hey Kopps,

Glad you are a reader... I'm happy to hear that my life is so entertaining. I try, I really do... but unless something happens on my way to and /or from work this week... t'is going to be a pretty quiet one... Not to worry, I'll just make shit up for ya!

ps... I am loathe to put my contact info up... Wee should have all that if you don't. Laters!

mollyblogger said...

ACTUALLY, the best part was his picture. He had the biggest glasses in the world... they were like those aviator-style frames all the geeks wore in the seventies.

mollyblogger said...
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