Let me take you back in time if I may.

The date is April 29th, 2005. The time is 8:30ish. Bea is late for work and the roomie, bless her good soul, offers to give the old girl a ride to the subway station. It's one stop east from Dundas West, the one she normally uses, but as she is travelling eastbound anyway, it's all good. Bea arrives at the Landsowne and Bloor and walks a half block to the station. It's a beautiful day in the Big Smoke. The birds are singing and the sun is shining. People are walking with a bounce in their step.

As Bea arrives onto the platform, the subway magically appears. No wait necessary. And Kaloo Kalay... the cars are practically empty. It looks like Bea will have a seat on the way to work. What a glorious day it is indeed. No bus AND a seat. Sweet.

Dum dee dum dum dum... What the? Bea doesn't remember being able to see above ground on the way to work. Oh, yes she does... but that is going northbound. Is she going northbound? Already? That was quick. And why are no people getting on? Is today a holiday? Is everyone taking today off? Why does this subway stop say High Park?

West---High Park-Keele-Dundas West-Lansdowne-Dufferin- Ossington-Christie-

Uh Ohhhhhhhh

Um. Yah. Biggest idiot EVER!!! However, I do recognize that it was really only a matter of time before this happened. I'm surprised it took this long. Almost a year (omg, I have been here for 11 months exactly... Next month one year. Holy Shiitake Mushroom!). And although I have come close a few times, I have never missed my stop and had to backtrack.

The lesson for today:

If your morning routine deviates in any way from the norm... make sure you pay extra attention to what the heck is going on around you. Oh, and knowing the difference between eastbound and westbound might help.

That is all.


mollyblogger said...

OM(f)G... That's too hilarious.

I hear bees are a lot like you. One deviation from the routine and they can't find their way home.

I shall call you mini-bee...

Beatrice Petty said...

How ironic.

Capitaine said...

Has it been almost a year since I last saw you??? I'm so glad the internet (with blogs and msn) exists!

PS. I miss our spot by SilverCity too! Good times...

LuckySpinster said...