It's Official

The end is near. The very FACT that Constantine got voted off American Idol last night, while both Scott Savol and Tracheotomy Boy Federov are still on... With SS being in the Top 3 no less... I am convinced that he is one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse...

Other reasons why I think the world is going to end:

1) SS/TB Victory as mentioned above
2) Stephen Harper and his new Bloc Quebecois friends seemed poised to take over the country. Bye Bye Quebec. Thanks for being a part of our country.
3) I have run out of Odor Eater powder. Grab your children and flee to the high hills above.
4) Britney Spears is procreating. Am I the only one frightened by this?
5) Richard Gere is STILL making movies
6) America's Next Top Model is, like, the FUNNIEST show on TV. How could a model not know how to look "aloof", or even know what "aloof" meant? Don't they spend half of their lives looking aloof?
7) Last night, had a dream where I legally changed my name to Beatrice Petty. Whether that is a sign of the apocalypse... not sure... but it might be a sign that I am blogging too much.



PS. What do whoreish flight attendants, Scott Savol, Keebler elves, The Pope and Starbucks have in common? All keywords people have used to find my blog.


mollyblogger said...

Love you babe, but have to say that the lack of Odor Eater frightens me the most out of all those other items.

Don't know about the end of the world though... I suppose if it were to hail two days prior to May... oh wait. Shit.

I'm investing in space gear.

Cascadia said...

Yeah, I do think the end is near. Very near. Maybe we should have a big raging party of debauchery to celebrate! Or maybe we should all just remain aloof? My god, those girls need to read a book!

LuckySpinster said...

hmmm. odor eaters. see, it's real important when you get out of the shower to dry your feets really well. go between the toesles and everything. and moisturize. and use a pumice thing. and trim your toenails. if you do all that, odor has no place to hide.