Don't Be Jealous...

super patio

... Of this patio I got! Isn't it swell? And a timely photo too with the train in the background. Once the weather gets warm... none of this bull crap evil rainy stuff that we had this weekend... but once it gets warmer, the roomie and I pretty much live outside. My day is never complete until I see at least one happy little Limestone Slurry car chug-a-lugging past my doorstep... Sunday is the mostest fun day of all. That's Hazardous Material transport day. Nothing makes me feel more safe than watching cars upon cars of sulphuric and hydrochloric acid pass literally 20 meters away. Yikes, yikes and more yikes!!!

Anyway, today is Monday. Ick. Great weekend though. The roomie's birthday party was very fun except that I over-estimated the amount of people I was going to know. 2 was apparently a little optimistic... No one from my camp showed... stupid Irish folk. But it was fun nonetheless.

Speaking of Irish folk. It turns out that the Irishman was good for something afterall. A while back, the roomie, and I along with her friend M were at Bar One when the Irishman showed up with some of his roommates. One of them TOTALLY hit it off with M, and they've been happily dating ever since. He was there on Saturday. Very nice guy. They are completely adorable together. He gave me the skinny on the Irishman... and it turns out that he'd been having some visa problems and he "knew he was going to be leaving soon and didn't want to become too attached to me and have a painful goodbye"... Right. I KNEW it had to be SOMETHING like that... Because it wasn't POSSIBLE that he just wasn't into me. But seriously, if that's what he is telling people... I'm not going to's kind of sweet.

And now that the roomie's obsession with our Greek God of a neighbour seems to be turning into less of an obsession and more like a mutual attraction (yay)... everyone seems to be taken care of boy-wise. Except yours truly of course, and that's just fine thank you very much.

For the first time in a long time, I just want to be free. Free as a bird. Free to be me, without thinking af anyone else. I'm a right selfish bugger right now. I'm a reflective bugger right now. Time to withdraw and ponder... It can't be a coincidence that I'm completely mojo free right now... so completely 100% outrageously, FANTABULOUSLY mojo free.

I'm like an upright plank of wood. A plank of wood, who wears make-up and skirts and a long brown wig. A plank of wood who takes the subway every day and who is now sitting at a computer and typing. A plank of wood who wants to know whether the roomie took that chicken breast from last night to work today and if she didn't, does she intend to eat it for dinner tonight otherwise I'll make some rice with it. Apparently a plank, despite a lack of mojo... a plank that's pretty well functionning for just a plank of wood. Not a lot of planks could actually grill up a piece of chicken and make a nice dinner of of it to boot. Although, I guess it would depend on what species of tree you came from. If you were a plank of Oak, well, I always thought that Oak trees were highly intelligent as far as trees went. Not like Alder trees... Aren't they the ones who leave all that stupid sap on your car and it eats away at your paint and you have to get a new paint job? Alder trees are both unintelligent and inconsiderate, not unlike many of the guys I've dated.

Molly says "Morning Bea, how was your date last night?"

"Dude, you have no idea... he like started every sentence with 'So, I literally' and then he like made me pay for dinner" replies Beatrice".

Molly says "Dude, that guy was sooooo Alder"

"Like, the Alderest" replies Beatrice.

Spring... new beginnings, renewal... Time to regroup and spend a little more time hanging with ME. Anyone know a good wood conditioner?



mollyblogger said...

I was planning on eating that piece of chicken, but have since decided to actually take out the credit card and do groceries. It's all yours, baby.

p.s. I've been there. In that mojo-less, meeting myself kind of phase. I was the president of that club last month, if you hadn't noticed. Like Club Monato, but for singletons. Still haven't resigned, but I am taking a bit of a holiday. Going golfing for a bit.

Beatrice Petty said...


Club Monato AND a Shoe Club... Worst mall ever!

PS... no worries on the chicken as I scammed some food from our lunch at work today... but if you DON'T want it... dinner tomorrow.