For Lack of Anything REAL going on...


I'm borrowing from the Lucky Spinster. First off, let me give the photo credit for the above picture of Colin to the roomie. Yes, this was taken by her at the Toronto International Film Festival last year. She got the honour of lurking about on the red carpet awaiting his arrival while Bea sat in the theatre holding the seats. Don't ask me what the movie was called... It was so freaking bad that my brain booted it out as soon as it could. The film was irrelevant anyway as we were really only there to see the Firthmeister in the flesh.

The roomie got the chance to get up close and personal with him (and yes, she even got an autograph) because she did her "waiting" duty a few evenings prior as we tried to get into the Orlando Bloom premiere... of course, there was no way in hell that we were going to get in as every single teeny bopper in Toronto had also come downtown hoping to get in... but I did get a chance to see my little Legolas in person... he was adorable. And while I didn't get a pic or an autograph... I was so very impressed with how gracious he was to all his little fans. I was even more impressed, for the next day, I had the chance to meet his rep and the director of the film that we never got into. They were very nice and of course I just had to say how impressed I was with the way the handsome young actor handled himself in front of hundreds of screaming girls...

In my fantasy celebrity boyfriend world, his rep went back to Orlando and told him how he had talked with a VERY cute Canadian girl who was so very complimentary on his personality and not his looks and that the ONLY reason why Orlando didn't call me was because he had no way of getting a hold of me. Next TIFF, I'm getting cards printed up!

Anyway, back to Colin... Molly came back to the seat and was mildly disgusted with how blah Colin was on the red carpet. I felt bad. And in truth, he isn't as adorable in person as he is in his romantic comedies... maybe it was because he didn't even attempt to crack a smile. I guess you can only put up with middle-aged women shouting "Mr. Darcy" for so long before you lose it. At any rate, despite his unfortunate in-person personality, he is still one of my CBFs... as is Orlando.

Clive Owen, Gerard Butler, Vince Vaughn (I have sex dreams about Vince a lot... Vin Diesel and Brendan Fraser too, but I don't consider them CBFs. Besides, the roomie would kill me), Oded Fehr, Alan Rickman (not as Snape), Christian Bale, Russel Crowe (ahem... Gladiator), Ben Affleck (I know, laugh if you must), Jeremy Northam, Jude Law, Hugh Jackman (as The Wolverine in X-Men), the other Hugh (now that he doesn't look like my brother anymore)... The list could go on and on but I won't bore you any longer... have this nagging suspicion that I've forgotten some key CBFs.

Now, if only I could find a real man...

Clive, call me!



mollyblogger said...

Too true. Colin had that smug look on his face the whole night. For someone who has so much potential for being 'dashing', he was just... dull.

I didn't know you had a thing for Alan Rickman!

Roomie out!

LuckySpinster said...

God how I love me my smartypants Brit actorines.

Not as Snape--ditto.

The Two Hughs--ditto.

Dude. Has anyone seen my Temp Ho?

Beatrice Petty said...

Ohh Ooh.

I forgot about the roomies and my mini-experience with Gerard Butler... The best movie we saw at the TIFF was Dear Frankie and while GB wasn't there, the female lead Emily Mortimer was.

For those of you who have never been to a film festival, the premier typically features one or more of the stars of the film introducing the movie and then answering questions at the end. Of course, most if the questions are asked by total nimrods who all ask the same stupid ones:

"What did you do to get into the character" or "In what ways are you and the character alike"...

blah, blah, blah. No one gives a rats ass. Anyway (sorry Molly... I feel I have to take some credit for this), at the end of the movie, Emily Mortimer (absolutely adorable) comes on stage and in true form, all the movie geeks are asking these types of questions... but becuase I really only have a one track mind, I turn to Molly and say "Oh my God, these questions are retarded. All I want to know is what it was like to kiss Gerard Butler". To which the roomie replied. "You should ask that. If you don't I will".

And she did. We were right at front, about 3 rows away from the actress herself when her hand pops up in a theatre of several hundred people and asked in a voice the whole theatre could hear "What was it like to kiss Gererd Butler". Everyone laughed and Emily blushed. To make a long story short, Gerard Butler is a good kisser. You rock Molly!

The End.

mollyblogger said...

I pride myself being ballsy when opportunity knocks ;)

Besides, we had to know.
Molly out