Things that have happened to me so far today:

1) My alarm didn't go off.
2) 168 Slumington bus reeked like mothballs. I hate mothballs.
3) Pan Flute player was under the misapprehension that commuters WANT to hear the pan flute first thing in the morning.
4) Package I sent out yesterday to arrive first thing in Montreal did not arrive as scheduled.
5) Package that eventually arrived in Montreal was actually meant for Ottawa. Early morning package to Montreal sent to Ottawa???
6) Lost my long-distance pass code.
7) My fly won't stay up.
8) Heat in office broken. My half of office sweltering, the other half freezing.
9) Have no clue what I am actually doing.
10) Grand and Toy didn't have the name tags I needed in stock. Ordering them for tomorrow is no good as they need to be in Regina for tomorrow morning.
11) CBC Newsworld incessantly droning on about the Sponsorship Scandal.
12) Finally ate lunch at 3pm.
13) Package due to arrive in Montreal early morning that was sent to Ottawa arrived in Montreal in the afternoon... Which IS actually a good thing. Would have been better if entire morning had not been spent FREAKING OUT and putting a new package together.
14) People in Ottawa think I've been sniffing glue.
15) Have nagging thoughts that the "Montreal Package" fiasco will lead to my termination... or at the very least, a good talking to... frown.

Sigh. Is this day over yet?



Beatrice Petty said...


4:30. Have found my happy place. Things running smoothly now. Thank goodness for patient co-workers.

CBC Newsworld still sucks though.


LuckySpinster said...

oh, hunnybunch. so sorry. as my dad always says "chin up, chest out." (is it weird that my dad says that to me?)

Cascadia said...

Oh no! You poor little thing! I hope tomorrow is so much better for you! So much better!