A Thoroughly Foul Mood

That's me in a nutshell today folks. I've just had word that my Calgary friend KS is not able to come to town this weekend... Poo.

I'm pissed for a couple of reasons. The first being that KS is a hoot and he was destined to be one of, if not the life of the party (no disrespect for anyone else at the party intended). Rarely have I come across someone whose storytelling skills can engage an entire room of people the way that KS's can... anyway, he will be sorely missed on Saturday.

The second reason... and this is something that stings a little more, is that I was so looking forward to seeing the big guy. Typically when he comes into town for a visit, he ends up spending most of his time with the "boys". At times I feel like an after thought... like "Hey, maybe we should give Beatrice a call and let her know what's going on". Sometimes I don't even get the call. It kind of hurts.

This weekend, some of the "boys" are out of town, so it was just going to be the two of us hanging out, doing what we do best... mellow stuff: movies, chilling, chatting etc... It's been a really long time, like years and years, since I've had a chance to hang out one on one with a guy who used to be closer to me than pretty much anyone else on the planet. Obviously, when a friend gets married, your friendship has to change... that I can deal with, as it has happened quite frequently of late. I can count the number of single friends I have on one hand... I digress.

I know I am just being selfish. I'll get over it. But it does make me ponder about what I really would like most here in this town... some good old-fashioned male friends. I love being friends with guys... you get the same kind of "protected and adored" feeling that you get from a boyfriend without all the potential bullshit and games that can come from a relationship. A guy friend is there to protect your honour. A guy friend will tell you that you look pretty, even when you don't. A guy friend can pretend to be your boyfriend when some loser guy is hitting on you. A guy friend thinks it is hysterical when you accidentally break wind.

I'll say it again. I really miss having guy friends. Don't get me wrong, girlfriends are awesome too... just different and I love them just as much... just different. I also thought that all guys had girls as friends and that it was no big deal. Apparently I was wrong. I have yet to meet any boy in this town who has any. It seems that my best guy pals are unique in that they are capable of having a non-sexual friendship with girls... Where are all the other??? There must be others out there dammit!


echo, echo, echo



Jay said...

I have all guy friends, mostly because I don't normally like girls. I think I have a lot of issues from growing up in a house full of girls, now I can't wait to get away from them.

Beatrice Petty said...

Send some my way!!! Please!!!

Cascadia said...

They are a rare bunch. Mine keep moving away. Although, I still have more boys as friends than I do girls. Maybe it has something to do with you - maybe you are so darn pretty and fun that all guys want to get into your pants, hence you don't get the friend's as boys. Just a thought.

Beatrice Petty said...

Nice try Cass,

If that was the case, I would actually get more than a second date right? Stupid boys!

Nope, I think it is a rare breed of man who can be friends with a woman... I'm meeting Australian Cattle Dogs, when I really need a Golden Lab... sorry about the dog analogy, but well... sorry about the dog analogy.

Capitaine said...

I like guy friends too. I only started having really close guy friends in the last few years. I guess before I wasn't really comfortable because I thougt being really friendly with a guy meant you wanted more. Now my colleagues, my students and my new friends are all male. I like that, they're great! But I do miss having girl friends around. I guess there are a few subjects I'm more comfortable sharing with girls....

LuckySpinster said...

I love my guy friends. They're like brothers, without the sexual tension. I mean... oh, nevermind.

mollyblogger said...

I used to have a lot of guy friends. Then I slept with them all. Then I had no guy friends and a lot of exes.

These days, I stick to befriending gay men.

Beatrice Petty said...


Lucky you for having guy friends you were attracted too ;)