Oh My Goodness Gracious!!!

I know who Cascadia will be voting for in the next BC Provincial elections in May... In fact, I think she should run as a candidate... Only in BC would there be a Sex Party... Now, if you were to combine the Sex Party with the Marijuana Party... and then thrown in a hitherto non-existent Rock and Roll Party... Damn, that's some politics I could get in to!



Cascadia said...

I heard about the sex party last night - they actually sound somewhat ligit. Well, they want a nudist area in every park but they also want to reform sex education. And believe me, that is something to be reformed.

nic said...

I was against the sex party at first, because, really, should we make it legal for perverts to expose themselves to children in parks...Then I read that they would make Valentines Day a stat...Anything for a free day off work! Im in!

Beatrice Petty said...

Thumbs down on the exposing... but 2 big thumbs up on the stat holiday... Hey, I might actually LOOK FORWARD to V-Day as opposed to dreading it with every fibre of my being!