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Hi "Nic, friend of Wee". Welcome to my blog. I just thought I would quickly address your lovely comment re: "funny email guy" from yesterday's posting. There is, in fact, nothing wrong with "funny email guy" and therein lies the problem.

True, he may be a wee bit more "metro" than I normally do, but I could have lived with that. A nice little change from my hopelessly fashion-challenged Irishman actually... Yikes... do they not GET TV in Ireland? Fashion mags? Anything?

But, it's not about "ME" thinking there is anything wrong with "HIM" or "ME" not wanting to go out again with "FEG"... oh my gosh... too funny... Nope, as always, it's about "HIM" not being into "BEA". Granted, he did call the next night, and returned my message promptly the next day. Very nice. Although, he has yet to return a message I left (calling upon his instructions, by the way) on Sunday night... He even sent a quick response to an email I sent on Monday morning. But nuttin' since. It's like he dropped off the face of the earth... Reminds me of another date I recently had with a certain boy whose first name rhymes with his last name...

And so, I have no other option but to "assume"... you don't have to say it, I know what "assuming" things leads to... But I have to assume that despite his call on Saturday, which I believe was the little metro (bless his heart) simply being courteous and gentlamanly... that he has no interest in getting together again. Too bad, so sad.

Oh, but don't think that Bea will let things go at that. Just a short while ago, I fired off one of my patented "had a great time, looks like you aren't interested, good luck with all your future endevours" super, happy, positive e-mails. Actually, I mostly sent it so I could weasel some *ahem* contact information out of him, so that good old Beatrice could ... um... long story. So we'll see. Perhaps he will surprise me... but likely not. You will all be the first to know if he does.

But I still have my Irishman. And the new Sasha as well. He phoned me last night. He seems nice. He's Yugoslavian, or Serbian now... or is it Serbia-Macedonian??? I've never known anyone from the former Yugoslavia, now Serbia-Macedonia before. He lives in the boonies somewhere north-east of Toronto so that might prove to be a bit problematic. Also problematic is that I have yet to see a picture of what he looks like. I'm scared. I sent him some pics of me in the first email I wrote... he thanked me for sending them but did not offer to reciprocate. One would think that if one did not have horns growing out of one's head, that one would not have a problem sending a picture or two without being prompted. Asking just makes me sound like a beeyatch. I'm meeting up with him on Saturday afternoon for coffee regardless of what he looks like, but I would just like to be prepared for any physical abnormalities that he might have, ie. horns et al. That's not asking too much is it?

Cheerio for today,


mollyblogger said...

I wouldn't worry about horns too much. It's that damned third arm which is always tapping the other shoulder which gets annoying... especially when it's always grabbing your ass.

But the real question is... what is this long story about what you're planning on doing with FEG's contact info? Colour me intrigued!

Beatrice Petty said...


Let's just say that this "contact" will allow "Bea" Petty to "Be" Petty (wink) at some later date... That's all I can say.


Cascadia said...

Interesting! Very interesting! I am starting to worry about Sasha - I feel oh so responsible for this! Hopefully, he does have a third leg and nothing else! As for contact information, I too am intrigued! I have a friend who will remain nameless, who signs up this jerk who he works with for everything from Kitty Litter Samples to Tampons via product promotions. Evil oh so evil. They guy must be thinking he is nuts! There has to be something illegal about that!