I Have the BEST Friends


So, true story... Was chattin' on da MSN with my good friend Cascadia this past weekend, and she's like "Hey, I found a boy for you". And I'm all "Really? In Vic or T.O."? And she's like "In T.O." and I'm all "Cha, like really? Like how"? And she's like "On Yahoo messenger. Do you like, want me to give you his e-mail'? And I'm like "Like, whatever. You can give him mine if you want".

And then I promptly forgot about it.

Until today that is, when I checked my e-mail and there was this email from a guy named Sasha... titled "Hey You"... Now, I get A LOT of junk mail in my yahoo account... For this reason, I don't bother checking it everyday. I also get a lot of junk email from complete strangers with normal names and subject lines like "Hey" and "Long time no see" which, when opened are typically trying to sell me young hot virgins, viagra and the like. So, I almost didn't open the email... having been fooled too many times before. And while I am not against young, hot virgins per say... after all I was one myself once upon a time... Well, I digress.

Anyway, surprise of all surprises... this one was actually not junk. In fact, it was a very nice email from a complete stranger that Cascadia had passed my information to. What exactly she said to him about me, I have no idea, but he seems very keen on getting together. He sounds like a pretty neat guy too:

I'm about 6'2, green eyes, fit guy, smarter than the average bear, cuter than the average bear (although when in the company of pandas, everyone gravitates toward the pandas so.....)and I believe I have a reeeely nice sense of humour which is why I like being me most of the time.

I think I can live with those qualities... And in the wise words of Lavalife (if he had smiled at me on Lavalife)... "I like his style. I think we could have a lot of fun". More to come on this late breaking story soon.

Before I sign off... an update on the other boys in my life is in order. No word from "funny email guy" since him having phoned on Sunday... and writing me a quick email on Monday... I'm trying not to be hasty Molly... but, well, old habits die hard. And my Irishman... I've decided that I'm not ready to get rid of him just yet... especially after all the musings from the gals on LS... I would hate to look back and think "what if".



LuckySpinster said...

Go for it!

Funny Email Guy is a flake.

Nic said...

Hi, Im a co-worker/friend of wee's, and we were wondering what is wrong with funny email guy? He's funny, metro AND he's made contact 2 days in a row...the day after a date! Am I slow?

Cascadia said...

Hey! I hope Sasha isn't a serial killer - I would feel really bad! Hope you two have the fun! And don't give up on funny email guy - I think he is into you.

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match....

mollyblogger said...

Hey man, at least you've got good odds going. Three guys at once!! Hey, stop hogging the love karma. Spread a little this way...