The Swinging of the Pendulum

Please note: This picture has nothing to do whatsoever with the subject matter of this posting. I just thought the ladies might appreciate some good old fashioned nakedness. I know Bea does!

So, yesterday, I received a memo:

To: Beatrice

- Don't be so hasty


I swear to god... I actually did get this. It'll make sense in a moment, but let me take you back in time, if I may...

Many months ago, when I first started my adventures in Lavaland, I really didn't get it. Never having dated, it never occurred to me that someone who I liked would not like me in return. I assumed that because I had had a great night out, that the other person must also have had a great night out. I assumed also that if I was interested in seeing someone again then it logically followed that they would also want to see me again.

And so, I became one of those annoying girls... not a bunny boiler mind you... but just one of those girls who misinterpreted any lack of communication to mean: he was just busy, maybe he lost my number, maybe he didn't know I was interested, maybe he's shy, maybe he needs me to make the first move... all of the above. In some cases, it took me longer to get the hint than in others... Then the PNB came along and was at first very communicative... how lovely. Unfortunately, it didn't last very long and while we continued to see each other for the next couple of months, I continued to make up excuses as to why he wasn't calling more often or wanting to see me all the time: he's been single for so long, he's very independent, he sprouts horns out of his head every second day, blah blah blah.

So, to make a looong story short... I vowed that I stop making excuses for boys... They knew how to get a hold of me... If they were into me, they would call (Thanks "He's Just Not Into You"). End of story.

Cut to Merrill... As detailed in Saturday's blog... GREAT date... this guy was so interesting, funny, adorable etc... It was inconceivable that he wasn't going to call. But he didn't and I was mildly pissed. It left me wondering just what guys are looking for in a first date... 6 hours of non-stop talking, laughing and so much in common, I mean... Honestly... I AM ONLY HUMAN PEOPLE... albeit a completely adorable one... But alas... nothing... sigh... And despite several people making excuses for him; maybe he was busy, maybe he went out of town, maybe he fell off the face of the earth, maybe he's playing it cool for the next couple of days... Beatrice was unrelenting in her "Thank you for your support, but he's just not that into me if he hasn't called" attitude... And she was quite happy to be right for once, thank you very much.

Of course, after last night, my head is hung somewhat in shame. After doing my much loved impression on David Brent's "Next"... Merrill wrote me an email. He had gone out of town this weekend to visit his parents. He also had a great time on our date and he too was excited to meet up again...

And that's when I received the memo from the roomie... Beatrice, stop being so hasty! In my haste to come to some understanding about what guys are all about, I allowed the pendulum the swing in the opposite direction... I am such a freak! Some good advice indeed!!!

Bea Out!

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mollyblogger said...

Yeah, okay... if a guy doesn't call "he's just not that into you". I totally agree. Thing is... this is far too vague for some people *ahem* who feel that there should be certain "rules" or "guidelines" in dating.

So here's Molly's take on the whole "he's just not that into you" thing:

-If a guy doesn't call within 24 hours of your last date then "he's just not a stalker".

-If a guy doesn't call within 48 hours of your last date then "he's just not a loser with no life" and finally...

-If a guy doesn't call within 72 hours "he's just oblivious to the passage of time".

But... 4 Day Statute of Limitations. If he doesn't call after FOUR days... chances are: "he's just not that into you".