the umbrellas

Isn't this a wonderful picture? While I found the Art Gallery of Ontario to be somewhat disappointing ( no, it had nothing to do with what happened afterwards... it was just boring), I did fall in love with the art of Christo and Jeanne-Claude which is being showcased there on a temporary basis. A nice splash of colour in an otherwise very monochrome day here in Toronto I think.

What's new with Beatrice? Um... not a whole lot actually. A few boys in the works, but nothing really to write home about. I think I'm going out tomorrow so I know you'll all be tuning in to see what Paul is all about. He's a banker... Super! Not that I have anything against bankers per say.. although I did just have some craziness occur over the ordering of cheques, but I'm not going to lay out any sweeping judgements about bankers... Not yet anyway.

So, in a conversation with the Roomie last night about the randomness of life vs. there being a reason for everything... I know, we tend to have some fairly deep conversations in ye old super loft... That is, until our cats start going at it and we break away from our deep thoughts to egg the two cats on in a sort of modern-day cock fight... my poor baby, god bless her, she has terrible paw-eye coordination and gets her butt kicked everytime... Anyway, back to the convo about life. Let me tell you a little story that has me pondering this topic if I may...

Last week, I was on my way home on the 168 Symington (speaking of random... no logic behind that shedule, none at all) when I happened to be sitting across from an elderly Chinese gentleman. DON'T ask me HOW I know this, but he was VERY, VERY well endowed, which led me to pay him more notice than I otherwise would have. I am sorry to admit that, but it's true. So that was that incident. I saw him again on the weekend on the way down to the AGO, but on the street car this time. I remarked to myself that it was so odd that he had popped up once again, even phoned the roomie to fill her in. And then again last night, he was on the bus. It got me thinking as to why this man seems to have all of a sudden made this appearance in my life. Why now and never before last week... Why have I seen him 3 times already? But more importantly, what does he represent to me and my life? Or IS it completely random? I don't know, but I am working on it. Should I follow him home? Take him out for dinner? I guess only time will tell.

Later Skaters,


mollyblogger said...

I think you should hire an existential detective to determine the nature of this synchronicity. Then again, I just watched I Heart Huckabees...

Maybe his big schlong is a symbol for your own sexuality, reminding you that all you really need is to get laid.


Beatrice Petty said...

Thanks Molly,

Maybe all I do need is some action. Any ideas on where I should be looking?

Cascadia said...

As a girl who is after her 50 year old ex-principal, I think you should give ol' grandpa a ride! You never know! Or, at least flash him your knockers and see if mr. winky is real!