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Mark Darcy
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If you read the roomie's blog, you would already know that we watched Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason last night. It was super fun!

After it was over, we took the "Who's Your Man" quiz in the special features section. Needless to say, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion who we would each choose.

As you go through the quiz, you are given a series of multiple choice questions such as:

When should the guy propose?

When should the subject of children come up?

Should you always try to look your best for your man?

Would you forgive a guy who has cheated on you?


And so, I watched as Molly answered these questions first... all the while laughing to myself; knowing that her answers were sooooooooooooo far apart from what my own were going to be. It really did not come as any surprise that her answers led her to Daniel Cleaver, while mine led to Mark Darcy.

It was an interesting exercise to say the least. As a single gal on a seemingly never-ending quest to find out what I am looking for in a man, it was quite telling that a little quiz suggested that what I am looking for, in plain english, is a gentleman.

It's true. Watching the movie last night, I liked how Mark really loved Bridget for who she was... despite her quirks and wobbly bits. And that even despite a few misunderstandings, he still came through as her knight in shining armour.

And so now, I seem to be a little closer to understanding what kind of character traits I would like in a potential life partner. I want someone who, in the event that I get thrown in a Thai jail for allegedly smuggling cocaine, will fly around the globe to save me (don't laugh... it could happen... Did I ever tell you about the night I spent in a St. Lucian jail???). I want someone who will to go to battlefor me should my good name be slandered. I want someone who is willing to wear the dorky sweaters that his mother gives him for Christmas.

In short... I am looking for my Mark Darcy... but... in answer to one of the question from the quiz... if push came to shove, I wouldn't kick either of them out of bed.

Bea (this is my diary) Petty


Cascadia said...

I think I would end up with a Mark Darcy too! What happened with email guy? Do you think he is a Mark? Or a Daniel?

Cascadia said...

Okay, a little bit more from me! I too want someone who will step up for me - I don't want to be rescued, but I do want someone who will be there for me. Who will suprise me. Who loves me enough to do stupid things for me. The day I knew it was all over between Dennis and I - we were talking on the phone and I jokingly suggested he get his ass to the 9 pm ferry (it was inly 6:30 pm) to come and spend the night with me. Yeah it would have been crazy, yeah it would have cost some money, but it would have been nice. And I thought he might do it. When he called at 9:30 pm, I really thought he was on the boat. But he wasn't. The notion was too crazy for him. "What would be the point, just to sleep?". There din't need to be a point. He should have just done it. I knew it was over then.