Call me the Bionic Woman!

My adorable baby
** once again this picture has nothing to do with the subject matter of the posting... I couldn't help it... Oreo is just toooo cute!

So, just a funny little tale from Beatrice's childhood to relate to you all today...

When I was young, I was obsessed with The Bionic Woman. I was obsessed to the point where I insisted that everyone call me Jaime. Everything I did was accompanied by that oh-so special dadadadadada sound effect. I did things in slow motion.

My delusion even went so far as to include Jamie's dog Max. We only ever had cats. My parents had to buy dog food for Max. He had to be fed whenever I ate. The car door had to be held open until Max got in the car... He came everywhere with me. Oddly enough, my parents fully encouraged this fantasy. Maybe I didn't have any real friends and they thought "hey, at least she's got something to keep her occupied".

My brother had his own little childhood craziness. He fully believed that he was Super Spaz... crime-fighting teddy bear extraordinaire. He used to run around with a cape, and a t-shirt upon which my mom had sewed S.S. My brother was picked on a lot when he was younger. In all fairness, once he got older, he turned his Super Spaz adventures into a comic strip of the same name. He did all the drawings and the writing. Truth be told, the comic strip was really, really bad, but I like to think that it helped inspire him to become the amazing artist that he is today. And for all those people who made fun of him (present company included... I was such a mean big sister)... he grew up and became completely adorable. Hugh Grant, eat your heart out!

As for what the Bionic Woman inspired in me? I'm not sure, but I have just realized that there are not nearly enough cheesy sound effects in my life... my poor roommate... she has no idea what's in store.



mollyblogger said...

Aw! You had an imaginary friend?? That's SO CUTE!!

Come here wittle Maxy....

Capitaine said...

Great picture, what a cutie! And great story too. I love to know you used to pretend you were the Bionic Woman. That's a side of you I didn't know!