When the Universe Throws You Lemons...

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Super short for now folks... sorry, but I've got some pressing matters to bring to y'all.

First off... Merrill has been kicked to the curb. Actually, let me re-phrase that... Merrill actually never got back to me and I therefore never physically got to kick him to the curb because he was not standing remotely close to the curb at all! What's up with a guy who writes and says "really want to see you again, let's get together this weekend" and then never calls to see you or to get together this weekend? How bizarre. His loss. Besides, Bea's got something better than some unemployed guy whose first name rhymes with his last name.

So, Um... right. Yesterday was St. Paddy's Day. Sorry, no blog, but I was actually busy at work... doing work.

Not wanting to be the only person I knew not going out, I managed to convince a friend at work to come out for a few beers. So that was the plan-- head to Fionn MacCools right after work for some drinks... Then I could at least say that I went out on St. Paddy's, home by 9pm... thank you, come again.

Like I said at the beginning, I'm keeping this short. The end result of my night was that I got home just before 2am... after a 2 hour make-out session with this adorable Irish (It's true... only Bea would actually pick up an Irish bloke on St. Paddy's Day!) in the most romantic of all places on earth... The Subway. I know, I know... Yikes!

Anyway, more on this late-breaking story shortly, as I will be seeing him tonight. Yes, I know, very hard to believe... That is actually possible for a guy to want to see me two days in a row... Shocking!

And so, I leave you all with a quote from an email I received today from said Irish cutie:

"Looking forward to it already, need to make sure that you're real and
not some weird dream I had :)"


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