Too Good to be True?

As I sit here on this snowy Saturday morning going over the events from last night, I am left to wonder how it can be possible for two people to have SOOOOOOOOOO much in common. Last night was the first time I met Merrill. His last name rhymes with his first name leading me to believe that his parents either hated him when he was born or smoked copious amounts of the good stuff... Anyway, I'll leave it up to your imaginations' to think of a last name, beginning with N that rhymes with Merrill. Poor guy.

Back to last night. We sat, drank beer and laughed in this charming Irish pub for over 6 hours. Never once was there a lull in the conversation, which was so multi-directional... a feat only possible when two people have that much in common. For people who know me... well or otherwise, you are aware that I tend to have some pretty random likes and dislikes... I am a Harry Potter freak. I'm the only one I know who loves Monty Python and other such crazy British nonsense. I'm a History fanatic, pick a time period, any time period. I'm an Astronomy geek. I like going to movies... I've always been more interested in what bark was made out of... Do I know what day it is? No... Do I know what I am doing here? No, but I'm here and I'm going to give it my all...

Sorry... off on a little bit of a tangent there... What I am trying to say is that Merrill is kind of like the male version of me... although the light was low, I think he even had freckles. But as much fun as I had... and as awesome a guy that I think he is, I am scared that we are too much alike... I am a wee bit worried that I am confusing romantic interest with my strong desire to make some new friends in this city. Conversely, I suppose that the best couples are also each other's best friends... something to think about at any rate.

There was something there... for me at least... although we didn't get a chance to smooch due to the rather abrupt and decidedly unwelcome appearance of the Queen St. streetcar... but I am absolutely open to seeing where things could go. Of course at this point, any speculation is neither here nor there. The ball is in his court now. At any rate, regardless of what happens in the future, or if I never hear from him again...

Let me leave you with the the wise words of Comic Book Guy... "Best Date Ever!"

Yay Bea!

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