For lack of something more exciting to write...

I thought I would respond to the roomie's request that others take the time to fill out the little survey that she posted today.

What colour is your underwear right now: Black... Bea's a sexy beast

Favourite noise: That THX sound at the beginning of movies... gives me chills... equivalent

Celebrity boyfriend(s): Where do I start??? Orlando, Clive Owen, Gerrard Butler... ** insert British actor here **

Most embarrassing hobby: Philately... that's stamp collecting for you plebians

Favourite holiday: A toss up between "Everything YOU think is wrong" Day and Christmas. I guess Christmas because of the presents

Do you believe in God: The jury is still out

If so, do you think God likes you: This is the sound of Beatrice laughing... whatever it is that's out there is using me as their playing in piece in a giant Game of Life

Least favourite time of work day: between 2-4

Favourite "disgusting" food: Melted cheese-- acres and acres of melted cheese

Where you most feel at home (other than your house): on a sailboat

Proof you've embraced technology: Technoli-what???

Favourite bathroom literature: Beatrice likes to do puzzles... you got a problem with that!

Least favourite male part: Hairy bum cheeks

Favourite part of your body: eyes

Proof you've abused technology: One word... Lavalife

Riskiest hobby: Philately... seriously... always the rsik of a paper cut, or getting poisoned from the gum on the back of stamps

Least favourite household chore: My roomie could tell you this one... Dishes, always dishes

What you would be doing if you were smarter, funnier and more beautiful: Wha??? Not possible... but if I HAVE to answer, I suppose I would be an international jewel thief

Celebrity you think is the devil: Richard Gere... Don't get me started

What this summer holds for you: What the roomie said plus... many exciting visits from Mmmm Mmmm Good Johnny, our neighbourhood ice cream man

Worst thing you've done at work: Drinking beer in the boardroom... Gotta love Fridays!

Would you ever go on a reality show: Yes. But only if I can be the female version of Joe Millionaire. I'm DESPERATE to have someone "fall in love" with me only because they think I have millions of dollars. That's true love! Also, I would get to wear lots of sweaters. Stay tuned for Beatrice Millionaire... coming soon to a public access channel in your area

Best way to waste an hour: Trying to get anywhere on the TTC

And my addition to this questionnaire:

Weirdest fear: Raccoons... pure evil

That's it for now... Peace out,


mollyblogger said...

Actually, under "weirdest fear" I would have thought you'd put Richard Gere again... Raccoons? Really?! You're just full of surprises.

Wee said...

Hahahaha - Equivalent!