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Def: confused by affection or infatuation.

First off, let me say a big huge congrats to the sexiest couple on the planet right now. As an admitted Anglophile and Monarchist, I am surprised to find myself happy for the couple... after all, Camilla has certainly been vilified around the world as the evil "other woman"... but love is love and no one can argue that these two don't really care for each other.

Besides, it's Spring. The time for new beginnings and fresh starts and any other cheesy saying that you can think of...

Back to Twitterpated... it seems to be the best word to describe me at the moment... confused by affection. I have the nicest boy in my life right now... wee little Irishman. He's doing everything right... He calls every night... He emails every day... flatters me to no end.

Granted, I can hardly understand a word he says on the phone... He mumbles... For those of you not acquainted with an Irish accent, let me tell you that a mumbly Irishman is very difficult to understand... so perhaps I am mistaking flattery for rugby talk or something else of that nature.

Despite all this, for some reason I find myself not as GaGaGiddy as I have been in the past. Why? I don't know... I really like him... I am fascinated by him (he has lots of layers that I am eager to peel away at)... I am very attracted to him... In short, there is no real reason why I am not my usual "OMG... WE are so MFEO... I love my PNB... yippee" self when I've got a new boy in my life.

I'm starting to think that all the work I've done with regards to my emotional self has started to pay off... I'm excited... but not tooooooo excited. I am eager to get to know him better... but not tooooooooo eager... I'm not analyzing every little thing that he does or doesn't do. I'm just accepting it for what it is...

... the START of something new and exciting. After all, it is Spring.

Happy Easter everyone,


mollyblogger said...

Yay Beatrice!

And yay! I get to meet him tonight!!!

Cascadia said...

Happy spring! I hope all your flowers are in full bloom and there isn't too much rain on your garden! It sounds like he is totally into you - we likey! A lot! Congrats kid!