Rest In Peace Bubba


This is Bubba. He was born in 1905. He lived through 2 World Wars, the Depression, the Cold War and Disco. He died yesterday en route to a museum where he could be gawked for the remainder of his days. He died from shock. Poor little guy.

I really wonder what kind of life he led, under the sea for all those years. Did he have an active love life? Did he have friends? Was life under the sea like it was in the Little Mermaid? Maybe he was like The Godfather... He was about as large as Marlon Brando after all. Ok, all kidding aside, what kind of an existence can a lobster lead at the bottom of the ocean for 100 years?

All I can say is that I hoped he led a good and honest life (I've heard that lobsters can be quite sketchy characters) so that he can come back as a slightly higher and more intelligent life form... like George Bush. Sorry Bubba, I didn't mean to insult.


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Cascadia said...

Rest in peace Bubba! Do you think they will cook him up?