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Another date; another dud. This weekend I have found myself wondering why I am even bothering anymore. I've been livin' la vida Lava since October of last year... 5 months minus about 2-ish while I was seeing Jeff, so 3 months in total. I suppose the time has come for me to step back and reflect on where those months have taken me. Have I learned anything? If yes, then what? And from who? Hmmm... let's investigate shall we?

Shane, Graham, Chris 1, Andre, Simon, Mike, Dave, Rob, Jeff, Chris 2, Lawrence, Vince, Ash, Garrett, Tim, Paul, Jody. Am I forgetting anyone? When I see it here, the list looks rather small, but when I think that there are probably more boys here then I had ever dated in my life up until October... Yikes. No wonder I was so exhausted!!!

Shane: Was my very first lava date. We had great msn chemistry, but not so good in person despite his sexually adventurous nature. Not a lot learned from a relationship point of view, but man, I know more about the swinging, orgy and gay scenes in Toronto than I ever thought possible.

Graham: I really liked Graham. He's from England and he has a PhD. He was also adorable. Too bad he was in love with his ex-girlfriend.

Chris 1: Nice guy, but short... very, very short. But very nice.

Andre: I had really low expectations before I met up with Andre. However, we met up on Friday night, and I didn't come home until Sunday. From Andre, I learned that Amarula is the bomb.

Simon: a divorced police officer recently imported from England. Simon filled me in on his $30,000 honeymoon in St. Lucia. I learned that I would like to have someone take me on a $30,000 honeymoon.

Mike: I learned from Mike that not all guys are gentlemen. No I do not want to have a naked hotub with you and three of your friends.

Dave: Funny, funny guy. I never heard from him again.

Rob: AKA the "I literally guy". Actually, I learned quite a bit from Rob even though we only went out once. I learned how important it is to have a good grasp of the english language and that if you are going to talk a lot, then you should probably have something remotely interesting to say.

Jeff: Hmmm. If you are an avid Beatrice reader, then you already know all about Jeff and that I learned a lot about relationships and life from my experience with him. Most of it should have been common sense, but hey, no one ever accused Bea of being overly endowed with that... more of a book sense kind of gal. Oh, and I also learned that when someone breaks up with you and then plays the CSBF card, they really have no respect for you at all. Run Away!!!

Chris 2: Nice guy; no chemistry. He reminded me of my brother. No lessons learned.

Lawrence: I learned from Lawrence that it is possible to be completely and utterly repulsed by both someone's personality and their physical appearance. Enough said.

Vince: Again, a nice guy; no chemistry. However, I met up with Vince "literally" 2 days after Jeff and I had our final chat. I learned that you cannot really give someone a fair shot at love when you still have issues with someone else.

Ash: The stalker. I think he's out of the country by now. I learned that you should never, ever give out your e-mail to some guy you meet while waiting for the bus.

Garrett: Although things did not end the way I would have liked with Garrett, I have nothing but positive things that say about this guy. From Garrett, I learned that it is possible for a guy who is interested to actually show interest AND that I deserve a guy who is willing to go out of his way to do so. Of course, I also learned that The Universe has a sick and twisted sense of humour and saw fit to introduce me to this guy while he was pining over the loss of his Ex. Thanks again Universe!

Tim: Tim reinforced my belief that e-mailing/msning back and forth over a lengthy period of time before you meet in person is a recipe for disaster. I've also learned that the next time a guy asks to take me to the 360 restaurant on a first date that you can bet your ass I am going to take him up on his offer!!!

Paul: Nice guy but again, no chemistry. And not that I ever did this, but I was reminded how annoying it is to hear about past relationships. It's one thing if the conversation is about past loves, but if it's about this, that, or the other thing and still every experience relates back to an Ex... Let's just say it really doesn't make one hopeful that there will ever be a time when this will change. I guess I could have been comforted by the fact that one of his exes shares my name... so, in the bedroom, he had a 50-50 chance of getting it right... Good Times!

Jody: Most boring date ever. He's an actor and as the roomie put it... actors are actors because they need to have someone else put words and emotions in their mouths. That summed the whole thing up beautifully.

Oh, and if you are wondering whether or not any of the above mentioned boys made it into my "catalogue"??? I suppose Jeff is, although he can hardly compete with the likes of Mr. D'Arcy or Legolas. I can't believe I just said that.

Happy Sunday!

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