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Do you like my picture? I drew it myself. Don't be jealous of my extraordinary artistic talents... It demeans us both.

So, anyway... how is everyone doing? I hope this posting finds you all well on this extraordinarily frigid day in the Big Smoke. And speaking of extraordinary... I find it extraordinarily bizarre how my legs can still feel the freezer burn from last night, from having walked just two blocks in the above mentioned extraordinarily cold winter weather. How extraordinary indeed!

So, my date with Vince went well. It was about what I expected except that he is much shorter than I thought. And his head was extraordinarily undersized. I'm not sure that I could consider being romantically involved with someone whose head is so much smaller than my own. I mean, I don't have an unusually large head do I? I suppose that it isn't something that would normally come up in conversation though.

"So, Beatrice, I really like you, but... well, it's about your head"

So I guess only time will tell whether or not a friendship will develop with Mini-Vinny. A nice guy, but there is that whole cat/cheese/wine thing... Very important factors when choosing friends. I mean, I could live with 2 out of the 3... say, cats and wine and no cheese or; wine and cheese without the cat or; maybe even cheese and cats, no wine. Actually, scratch that... the wine is pretty much essential, as is the cat. The cheese, I suppose, I could live without. Sigh.

So tonight I meet the Rockstar...Ash. I'm pretty sure he is really young... he's also American... and an extraordinarily atrocious speller. Yikes. Stay tuned for that tale.

Extraordinarily Yours,

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