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Howdy folks,

Now, I know you are all dying to hear the stalker update so here goes. He called yesterday... and I answered, silly me. I did a great job at bullshitting about the wonderful Friday night I spent in the company of some "friends from Oakville"...

Ah, Ian and Tracy, if only you knew how many times you've covered my ass...

Dinner and a movie etc... In reality, I relaxed at home, but I figured that would be much more fun than to be sitting in one of the more expensive restaurants in Toronto, afraid for my life. Back to the phone call. So, Saturday evening came along, still at home relaxing after an exciting day of dunging out the loft. I knew it was him but... and you can stop me if you think I am wrong people... I don't think that this guy is going to go away just because I don't answer my phone. In fact, I think that would just make him more crazy. So I answered it, blah blah blah... Did I want to meet for drink Sunday afternoon?

And then, it happened. I couldn't think. My mind was SCREAMING... so loud in fact that I was sure it could be heard at the other end of the phone... it was screaming "THINK... THINK OF SOMETHING YOU IDIOT... ANYTHING... HANG UP.... RUN... THINK!!!!!!!!!!"

But I couldn't. I thought of a million great excuses as soon as I got OFF the phone, but all that came out was "Um, yeah, that might be a possibility. I have a lot of errands to run but I'll give you a call when I am done".

If you know me, you know that I like to talk... a lot. The universe is having a very big laugh at my expense. Anyway, I've got it all figured out so not to worry peeps, Ol'Bea will remain safe and sound in the comforts of the super loft today. Might pick up some pepper spray tomorrow.


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