The Cat Who Ate Toronto!!!

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Ok, I won't lie to you... this is perhaps the worst I have ever looked in a photo but I couldn't resist putting it up because of how adorable the Wee-Wee Cat looks. And I know what you are all thinking ("holy crap that cat is fat" or maybe... "hey, it's Little Shamu" or, "eat much fatty?")... but before you actually say it out loud, she is VERY sensitive about her appearance and her clumsiness. Laughing at her or insulting her will only make things worse.

And in other news, my bag finally came yesterday. I feel that I have scarred to Fedex guy for life. I doubt he has ever delivered anything to anyone so excited... I stopped short of giving him a kiss and a... well, you can use your imagination on that one. Anyway, I am very relived. I feel like my life can finally get back to a normal routine. I'd like to thank everyone for all their support during this difficult time. And if you didn't support me, well then... you should be ashamed of yourselves... turning your back on Petty when she needed you the most. You Bastards!

At least my sweetie was there for me. Actually, he's kind of driving me crazy. He sells real estate and from what I understand, January is a very slow month for sales. So, he spends his days doing errands and trying to keep himself occupied. Now he's run out of things to do and he's gone crazy!!! Literally. I need to give him some things to do during the day... any thoughts?


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