wet kitten

wet kitten
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This is Oreo getting a bath. Unlike most cats, she actually enjoys the "getting wet" aspect of the bath but for some reason, as yet to be determined by a feline psychotherapist, she has real issues with the drying phase. And of course, being an impatient little beeyatch doesn't help... the dryer is your friend little one. Unfortunately you can't see it in this picture... and of course the battery HAD to die... but the fat cat really isn't as fat as she appears in full fur. And the cutest little chicken legs... adorable. Enough about the cat, let's get down to the good stuff.

Re: The Stalker or-- as my former-PNB has fondly nicknamed him-- the VDP (very disturbing penis). He called 4 times on Sunday. Luckily, at the very last minute, I got asked to "help my roomate out on the set of reality show pilot"... ** wink, wink**... working very late you understand. Actually, I would have loved to have helped out but that is neither here nor there. Starting today, Ash is in Amsterdam for 4 days so I have little bit of a reprieve. But on the advice of another former-PNB, I am looking into a personal alarm device... stalker aside, it is probably a good idea for a single girl in the big city to have anyway.

Now, onto a completely different, and much more pleasant (sort of)... subject. My Birthday. It's coming up. Very soon. Not looking forward to it per say, but oh well... what can I do? Nothing, except maybe attempt to forget about the whole thing by drowning my grief in booze... Don't EVEN get me STARTED on Valentine's Day.

Oh, and we are having a party. February 19th... Super Loft... Be there or be square.


Anonymous said...

what's wrong with Valentine's day? I mean don't you like how hallmark and all the flower companies, resturaunts, malls, and jewellery stores completly extort people by the ever so clever use of guilt to make people buy other peoples love even if they don't want too?......
Hey Bob what did you get Barb?...well you HAVE to get her's Valentine's for christs sakes.

Next thing your going to tell me is that the spirit of of Christmas is gone, that all it really is now is profit margins and happy shareholders as Norht Americans are posting bigger debt loads than ever before in history? Are you saying you can't buy love or the christmas spirit? what kind of hippie mumbo jumbo is that.
Don't you know that happiness,love, contentment, peace and well being are all mesured by the size and cost of the brand new leased (why ever own?) SUV? The unnecessary pig is drivin along as it spews toxins in the atmostphere (the atmostphere which is the thickness of celephan wrap if the earth was the size of a basketbal) And while driving that monstorous beast to the drive through at Mcdonalds so that North Americans can also be the most obese people on the planet. The same people that whine and cry about how they feel so they spend Millions on weight loss and billions on drugs to feel ok...jee....why do the THREE Billion people on this very same planet that live on LESS than two dollars a day want to hurt us???? why terrorize us? were just twenty percent of the worlds populace yet we consome over eighty percent of all goods but we do good things to like ummm ahhh well, there's Brittany Spears...and umm...we have all these great medical advances...which well, most humans on the planet can't afford..but umm .........Well folks it seems I got off on a bit of a you don't like Valentine's day eh?....hmmm.........interesting....don't you like chocolate?

Cascadia said...

I like to celebrate Valentines day - but I have renamed it....Bitter Singles People Day! My single friend (which add up to 2 right now) get together, drink away our sorrows and play poker. fun fun fun.