Ok, it's official, I have a stalker... or the makings of one at least. The following is a copy of the email I received this morning from Ash. Have you ever had the feeling that sometimes you should be careful what you wish for?

Hi there,
well i feel the need to appologise for my reaction and opinion about yesterdays issue,i made my self lool like a fool and a closed minded person however i have experienced an incident in my life where i lost a close friend of mine that had a bisexual boyfriend who transfered Hiv to her and sadly she passed away last year, however it seems like everytime something bad happenes to me i blame everyone around me for it like what i did when my father died i blamed my whole family for it.
i believe its not fair to blame homosexuals for what happened to her but believe me jennifer its so hard to lose a friend.again i thank you for opening my eyes to this subject again, i needed to rethink about it.
however i was really happy that we met and talked ,i felt like we shared alot in common, so i really would love to see you again and maybe u can know and see more aspects of me and for that i went ahead and reserved a table for us tonite at the 360 restaurant (its the rotating restaurant at the top of the cn tower) i heard its beautiful there,i have never been there and would love to take you there.
however if you feel like not going i will totally understand,but i really feel the need to clear this up and make it up to u, you are an awsome girl,very intelligent and i love the way you think and i dont want to lose you.

For those of you who don't live in Toronto, the 360 restaurant is the at the top of the CN Tower. At 50$ a pop for an entree, it is hardly a place that you take someone whom you consider to be just a casual acquaintance.

And now, if you would be so kind as to allow Old Beatrice to prattle on, I would like address a few of the comments he made:
1) "A lot in common": In reality, we had very little in common... unless you include that we have both enjoyed doing the horizontal mambo in our past relationships... but if having that in common is your most important pre-requisite when forming romantic attachements... I think Yikes about sums that up.
2) LOVE x 3: Call me crazy, but using the word "love" 3 times in one e-mail to someone you've just met is pretty much"on the cat"...
3) "I don't want to lose you": I don't even know what to say about this one except that "Dude, you never had me!" It is IMPOSSIBLE to lose something that you never had. It's as ridiculous as me saying "I don't want to lose that million dollars, or the llama"... but I never had a million dollars... or a llama, so how could I make that statement without sounding crazy. I couldn't, and therein lies my point.

And Jeff... if you are reading ... I blame you for all of this!

Petty Out.

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Cascadia said...

oh my god...maybe he could make you his "bitch" as well. what a freak...

guys who make reservations without knowing if you are actually going or not are, well, i think you said it best, freaks!