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Say Hi to Tony everyone. I dreamt about him last night. What it means remains to be determined by my personal dream Guru Dee. Liam Neeson was also there... Could my subconcious have picked two more random celebrities? I think not.

Anyway, that's not what the Yikes in the title was referring to. No, the Yikes refers to my "date" from last night. Again, date isn't the word. I was meeting up with a person who I was under the "impression" (and yes, those are quotation fingers) had just "moved" to "Toronto"... I thought I was being a nice person. I was a lttle worried, based on some comments he made on the phone, that he wasn't necessarily understanding that I wasn't looking to get into a relationship at this moment... but Bea being the nice person that she is thought she would at least meet this recent arrival to the big city... and I figured perhaps I could score some Fefe Dobson tickets at some point... I know, bad Bea.

It started off OK. He's had an interesting life... family moved to Egypt when he was young, Dad killed in a motorcycle accident, ran away back to Canada at age 14, hasn't seen family since... the usual... I was mildly uncomfortable with his line of questionning at times... But that's just prudish old me. I'm not comfortable talking about my favorite sexual positions with complete strangers... sue me.

And then somehow, out of the blue, he just casually mentionned that he was mildy homophobic. I was kind of shocked because he seemed so open and liberal about everything--from sex to politics. And when I say mildy homophobic, what I really meant was extraordinarily homophobic... Think "1985" homophobic... Think "gay men having sex with monkeys is the reason why AIDS exists". Sufficed to say I was horrified.

Yikes is an understatement. And now I am afraid.


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