Feeling Much Better Today Thanks

Howdy Folks,

Now, before you all start complaining to yourselves about the decidedly morose tone that this blog has taken on these past few days, and that from now on you will only hear me bewailing over the loss of the PNB... let me reassure that this is not the case. Granted, today's posting will feature the above mentioned former-PNB, as tonight I will get the chance to have my say in person. Primarily, the questions I want to address are 1) how is it possible that he didn't find me to be the adorable person that I am and 2) Why has no one given this boy an Academy Award for Best Actor?

Oh, and just to prepare you for tomorrow's posting... You lucky people will all find out how the whole thing went down. Perhaps I can be an inspiration to all the women out there who have found themselves in the same predicament. After all... how often do we get a chance to confront the person who has hurt us? As big a jerk as Jeff has turned out to be, I must give him a little bit of credit for being man enough to allow me have my say.

On a completely different... but somewhat related note... I have a date of sorts for tomorrow. This was a person who I have been in contact with for the past month or so and despite the repeated attempts to blow him off, he is still keen to meet me. I feel that there has to be a reason for him still being in my life... But don't worry children, this is not a rebound thing... I truly feel that this is a "meeting a new friend" thing. After all, I could not possibly seriously date a fellow with a cat allergy, who doesn't like cheese and drink, even like wine. If you know me, even in the slightest, you know that these are three of my favorite things. Sufficed to say, the former-PNB enjoyed all of these things as much as I did. Too bad he liked these things more than me... bastard.

Stay tuned for the continuation of "Tales from a Broken Heart" by Beatrice Petty...


PS. And yes, I realize that am being OVERLY DRAMATIC about the entire affair.

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