The Pumpkin Spice Latte that saved my life...

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OK... So, where to start? I guess I'll just say it... Beatrice was a bad girl last night.

Out at the Resevoir Lounge for the Puppets Who Kill wrap party, Bea and Dee spent the evening hobnobbing with the cast and crew of said show. Dee with one boy in particular. Well, as you all know, I am the nicest person in the entire world and knowing that Dee wanted some time to get to know her little PA, I had to make myself scarce... which is kind of hard to do when you don't actually know anybody. So, what was a girl to do???

Enter Captain Paul in his fancy red pants. I'm a little puzzled how someone could be so wasted yet remain vertical and even swing dance. I guess that's why he's the Captain. Anyway, left in the company of Captain Paul for the evening... I just kind of went with the flow... it just seemed easier to let him give me a few kisses than to make the effort to talk to someone else... Besides, it's not like I could get away... I tried that but he kept popping back up... kind of like a bad penny. Eventually Dee showed back up... a succesful evening from what I understand... and we were able to get the hell out of there. Sufficed to say today I feel like crap but am much improved since my visit to Starbucks... Hence the subject line of this posting.

There you have it. Judge me if you will, but the whole Captain Paul affair has left me with some interesting thoughts-- which I will now share you with you.

First off, I love kissing... It's fun and it's easy. I've never really been picky about who I kiss... I'll kiss pretty much anyone, especially after more than a few martinis. I've been told that I am a good kisser and I guess I've had good luck with even my most random kissing partners... Until last night that is.

Unfortunatley, when it comes to kissing, Captain Paul just didn't cut it. In fact, he was so TERRIBLE that I was feeling slightly nauseous... and NO, I was not THAT drunk. It's official... I kissed someone who was so bad that it made me want to puke. Yikes!

But... is it possible that, as clueless as he is, I am so attracted to my PNB that I am no longer attracted to other people? Hence the desire to vomit in Captain Paul's mouth. Hmmm... a very interesting thought indeed.


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Cascadia said...

I totally know what you are talking about! I had a brief fling a few months ago with a guy that worked in a video game store (i know, i know, that should have been my first clue). I did puke after our first night together. when he kissed me, he would sick my lips entirely into his mouth - there is nothing sexy about that! yuck. he was weird....really really weird! stick with the PNB!