The Dropping of the Other Shoe

It's official folks... The PNB is no more... The bomb dropped yesterday when... writing an email to get some reassurance about the whole coupling, the tables turned and instead of reassurance I got the old... "I like you, but..."

After a very sad night of being consoled by my fabulous roommate... and a healthy dose of The Office, Beatrice has learned her lesson-- true love for her is not meant to be... At least not with this particular PNB... So sad. It'll take me a while to get over it... to try to comprehend how I could have been so completely wrong in my interpretation of the signs... and of course, it isn't going to help my belief in my oft stated opinion that guys are complete jerk-offs. But I'll get over it. In the meantime... I am accepting donations for the Beatrice Petty "Help Restore the Faith in True Love" Fund. All proceeds will go towards buying me material things to make me feel better such as clothes, jewelry, shoes and the like. What is it they say about the therapeutic effect of shopping? I don't know... On second thought, send any donations to the Red Cross and help people who actually need it. Bea is a big girl.


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